Successes and Failures in 2011, What Are Yours?


Did you achieve things this year?

Did you fail at anything this year?   


Have you learned anything from your failures? 

What was it that you learn from your failures?


Have you learned from your successes? 

Have you celebrated them?  Really celebrated them? 



Have you listed all of your successes for 2011?   

Are you going to? 



Why write about successes, what's the point? 


It could help you appreciate and value yourself more, and it can show others what you're good at!      


Writing out your successes will help you understand in greater clarity and detail what exactly it is that you do well.  


When you understand the true value of your skills, you'll be a *million times more likely to use them even more effectively in the future.  As an added bonus, you'll find the more you value your own talents, the more you will be valued by others. 


  *Million times might be a slight exageration 


Besides, it's actually fun talking about good things, and you'll have something to look back on this time next year.  If you keep it going you'll have a record of successes and failures year by year!   What a great legacy to leave!  If you keep it going, it will also make writing your biography a lot easier, no having to drag up old memories of what happened in which year, it'll all be there for you. 



Why write about failures, shouldn't we focus on the positive? 


Failure is an inevitable part of life, everyone fails, yes everyone!  I could insert the quotes about Michael Jordan and how many times he'd failed to score a basket, or how many times Edison failed to make a light bulb, but I'll spare you those. 

All too often we avoid talking about our failures; they hurt.  Avoiding our failures however means we don't get to reap the treasures that they bring. 


We learn from our experiences, and as long as we keep picking ourselves up each time we fall, there are no true failures.  Successful people are those that have learned to brush themselves off after failures, and keep on going with the new found knowledge and information we get from the experience. 


It can take time for us to see the value of our failures, and that's what this exercise is about.  Helping us refocus and see them for what they are:  Learning experiences, opportunities for growth and greater understanding and gifts of knowledge that we simply did not have before!



A way to celebrate the Old Year and bring something of value into the New Year

Over the last few weeks I've been thinking about what way I want to celebrate 2011, and I've decided to do it by spending time writing, reflecting on the Successes and Failures I've had in 2011, and I'm going to ask myself the questions at the top of this blog post.  


How about you write about our your own Successes and Failures?  


If you fancy joining us in this wonderful little exercise we'll publish you as a Success Mattters guest blogger.  We'll start posting them as soon as you guys send us the first, and they'll keep being published (one per day) until we run out. 


No need to panic!  

You don't need to write about EVERY success and failure! Focus on the Successes and failures that have been most important to you and of course, please do share what your most valuable learnings from them were.   


You're in control of what you write, so please only share the things you feel comfortable sharing.  Having said that, you'd be surprising how powerfully sharing openly connects with people, and the amazing things that result from that. 


Claire Boyles Meets Sonic then Introduces Sonic to Blue Angry Bird!  Just one of the things she has to celebrate in 2011!
Claire Boyles Meets Sonic then Introduces Sonic to Blue Angry Bird! Just one of the things she has to celebrate in 2011!


This is going to be so much fun!  Celebrating the amazing things we've done this year, and sharing our valuable learnings from our failures.  We learn so much from our own experiences, and when we share our experiences, others learn too. 


We've already got six people eager and raring to go, and that's before I've even pressed "publish" on this post to announce it!  :)


If you're up for reviewing your year, and sharing your learnings with others let me know by commenting below, or tweeting me, or messaging me.



These are the responses that we've published as guest blogs (I'll be adding one more each day)








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