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Guest Blogger No. 5 in our Successes & Failures series is Robert Dempsey of


Failure Is A State Of Mind You Don’t Need


In 2011 I didn’t experience any failures. And while that may sounds more than a bit egotistical and boastful let me explain why I say that.


Much has been written about failure. In the world of startups people say to fail fast so you can find out what works. In the corporate world failure is seen as a bad thing.


As an entrepreneur you cannot afford to see any unmet goal as a failure.



I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

 Thomas Edison



My 2011 Successes


Over the Thanksgiving holiday 2010 my family and I moved to Thailand - my wife’s home country. That set the stage for 2011, a huge year for me. A ton of stuff happened. Here are the things people would consider successes, in no particular order:

  1)I sold my online project management application Scrum’d


2) I turned a personal blog about marketing into my current business - Dempsey Marketing


3) I launched 8 different websites in 8 different niches testing out 3 different marketing formats


4) I launched the Dempsey Marketing Advertising service and using it along with content marketing garnered thousands of leads from my website and opt-in offers


5) I re-launched the WordPress Setup Guide


6) I launched the New Social SEO podcast


7)  I launched the Dempsey Marketing Content site - a place where I curate choice posts that will help my clients and readers


8) Along with my design team in Miami we designed the Dempsey Marketing Magazine


9) I launched the weekly Dempsey Marketing Chat


10)  I launched the Get Your Own Cup site for my fellow coffee fanatics


11)  I earned more than a handful of fantastic clients I am proud to be working with



That’s the business stuff. On a personal note:


  1. My wife and I built a restaurant in her hometown
  2. I helped my wife re-launch her website- Thai With Me
  3. We enrolled our daughter in a private, International school
  4. I connected with hundreds of awesome people thanks to social media, forming a number of relationships
  5. I stopped emulating how others were doing things and decided to do things my way, write my way, and simply be myself


Things Others Might Consider Failures, But I Don’t


A number of projects in 2011 didn’t work out as planned. However much like Thomas Edison I don’t consider these failures. I learned a lot along the way and as long as I learn something - lessons, technical how-to - it’s a success.


Here are the highlights:


  1. After almost 8 years in business I closed down my web development company Atlantic Dominion Solutions
  2. I put the Dempsey Marketing Magazine project on hold
  3. I put the New Social SEO podcast on the backburner
  4. I put the Dempsey Marketing Chat on hold
  5. I put the Get Your Own Cup site on slow motion, meaning it’s still a work in progress but not a focus area


While many of my projects that I launched are on hold that doesn’t mean they failed or that I failed.



Robert Dempsey: Celebrates SUCCESS!! :)
Robert Dempsey: Celebrates SUCCESS!! :)

The Final Lesson


Here is part of my philosophy on life:



1)  If you aren’t trying new things then you aren’t learning


2) If you aren’t learning you aren’t having fun


3) If you aren’t having fun then life sucks, and life shouldn’t suck


When a plan meets reality a violent collision can occur. Sometimes these collisions cause things to slow down, and in some cases stop. However it is ludicrous to believe that because you tried something and it didn’t work out that it’s a failure.


That simply isn’t true.


Failure is not trying something in the first place. It’s allowing the expectations of others to hold you back. It’s allowing society to keep you in place.


So be true to yourself, keep moving forward, and pat yourself on the back for not letting life get in the way of achieving what you want to.


That’s success.




I "met" Robert on twitter, realised he was based in Thailand (A favourite country of mine after spending the winter before last out there living on a tropical island working with a client), and we got talking, as is the way with twitter, once you've chatted with someone you tend to notice their tweets more, and so when Robert popped up in my twitter stream I was delighted to ask him to contribute to this series.  In his own words he's "a computer geek with an MBA" :)

He helps his clients who are entrepreneurs and small business service providers - attract and convert more of their ideal customers online.

Please check him out and join him on his blog, the Dempsey Marketing Journal, I also recommend if you want to learn more about online marketing you follow him on twitter @rdempsey you will find he regularly tweets links to great resources. 

I look forward to (fingers crossed) being able to meet Robert in "real life" when I next go out to my tropical island paradise!  (Maybe that should be "dream life", because living on a tropical island certainly is a dream!).


Are you wondering why we're posting these guest blog series?

Please have a read of our first post on on Successes & Failures which is an open invitation to join in and explains the value of this little project :) 

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