Changing Emotional Patterns

#HealthyYum Bruscetta on raw Houshou crackits
#HealthyYum Bruscetta on raw Houshou crackits

I'm testing out something new, my body cannot process certain foods- dairy, eggs, wheat, yeast etc.  Yet my body becomes addicted to them very quickly on eating them, increasing cravings for them.

When I'm "off" those foods, I rarely crave them, except if I'm REALLY hungry & out and about, then when I slip up is when I think to myself "Oh it's not that bad, better to eat SOMETHING than nothing..." except it isn't, because then I have to go cold turkey all over again.


So right now, while I'm still experiencing the horrible symptoms of it- digestive pain, aches & pains in my bones & muscles, earache, sore throat, headaches, spots, bruises, mood swings, lowered cognitive functioning, short term memory loss, irritability etc etc etc... every time I am aware of one of these symptoms, I am bringing to mind the food that I ate that CAUSED these feelings... because as it stands at the moment, when I think of those foods what is associated with them psychologically for me is enjoyment- it's pleasurable to EAT those foods, it's just not pleasurable to experience the after effects of them...


So I need to change the emotional patterns I have connected to these foods, while in the short term they might be pleasurable... Medium to long term they cause ill health. 

I'm focused on being as successful as I possibly can be, so I need a solution.  I "know" that these foods aren't good for me, yet the emotional compelling drive leads me to ignore this fact, and favour the positive emotions connected to those foods.  



So each time I experience a pain, or notice one of the unpleasant symptoms that are a consequence of eating these "delicious yummy foods" I bring to mind an image of them (usually chocolate cream eclairs) and I squeeze my right earlobe, giving me a physical connection to those negative feelings and the images of the foods.


Next time I'm out and about, craving those foods, thinking "there's no harm in it" I'm going to squeeze my right ear lobe, which will help remind me of all the negative, unpleasant symptoms & pain that result when eating those foods :)


It's a technique I've adapted that is taught in NLP, I'm testing it out, and will let you know how it goes! 

I don't expect it to be overwhelmingly successful instantly, I am after all "unlearning" emotional patterns that have existed within me since I was a little girl.  But I do know that when I consistently apply this technique, I will start to see results!  And I'm looking forward to being able to resist those urges to eat things that have a negative impact on my success.



Another thing I'm doing at the moment is tweeting & posting on facebook photos of #HealthyYum; healthy food that I'm eating.  This is motivational because it's being accountable- showing the world what I'm actually eating, and also (I hope) inspiring others to test out new healthier ways of eating.  The foods I post using #HealthyYum really are healthy AND yum :)  (Although it can take a while for the body to detox before the taste buds re-align and enjoy them as much as the processed, high fat, high sugar content food most of us are used to). 


I want health & vibrancy!                   Not pain & chocolate éclairs!
I want health & vibrancy! Not pain & chocolate éclairs!

Have you ever used techniques like these?  

Please share with me; I'd love to learn from your experiences! 


I cannot afford to allow myself to "slip" back into eating those foods again when they simply make me too ill :(




So do you have any tips, hints? Stories of others who are using similar methods?  Did they work?




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