How to get your Creative Juices Flowing

Do you write for your business?

Do you write for fun?

Do you value innovation and creativity?

Then chances are you'll have experienced an absence of creativity from time to time, this little exercise is a great way to build your creativity muscles!

100 word challenge for grown ups is run by Julia Skinner, a retired primary school teacher living in the South West of England.  I stumbled across it over a year ago on twitter, each week I receive the reminder tweets, and sometimes I have time to take part.  This week is one of those times I've been lucky to have been able to participate. 

The idea is that each week you are given a prompt. It may be a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture., and you can write up to 100 words in response to it.   

If you want to improve your creativity, this is a brilliant little exercise to give you practice on letting your imagination go wild, think outside of that proverbial box! 


This week's prompt is: 


…the notes from the piano…


And this is my attempt, what do you think? 

…the notes from the piano…



Could be heard all the way to the top floor, they floated up, in a dance through the atrium as if reaching for the sky.  



They sounded different when you heard them from the top balcony, looking down onto the pianist who was busy fervently creating this majesty of sound. 



They were lighter up here; freer somehow, and had a haunting resonance that made you know this was the kind of music that would last forever.   



Can you think of something better?

Musical Notes

Feel free to join in and leave your version below, or write one and link to the 100 word challenge for grown ups yourself.  (Once you've written your piece, post it on your blog, then link it on the site)  

You can see what others have created from the same starting point). 

Reading others' work is as valuable as doing the exercise itself, because you get to see the results of other people's creativity, which is inspiring and can expand your own imagination.  It certainly helps in getting the creative juices flowing!  



My two favourites for this one are: 

Otto Silversmiths Treasuremap very clever! 

Bandimals!  Fun!



What does "notes from a piano" conjure up for you?

If you like it, share it, others will like it too!

Claire Boyles, Business Consultant and Professional Speaker

Claire Boyles is a Business Consultant and Professional Speaker, she specialises in empowering those transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur. 

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