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Following on from the social media big six blog post Claire Boyles wrote recently which outlines the key distinctions between the big 6 social media platforms we received requests for more information on Google+ 

Chris Ogle who runs courses on getting the best from Google+ was kind enough to write a guest blog post to provide you more information.  If this doesn't answer all your questions, please ask them in the comments section at the bottom.  


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In December following the announcement of “Communities” within the Google+ framework Google had created the final component I was looking for to enable me to deploy GPlus in the project I am working on...


But this raises an interesting question... why GPlus? Aren’t there enough social media tools out there already? … well... in both the workshops I recently delivered on G+ the overwhelming state of mind of those attending (at the start) was...


Look... Why should I switch to G+ or waste (spend) more time on yet another social media platform? Everyone I know is on Facebook... G+ has hardly anyone on it I know... and to be quite frank no one has given me a big enough ‘Why’ to do it... I would just spend more time on Social media and to be really honest I am questioning the value from a business perspective of the time I am already spending on the existing platforms... so thanks, but no thanks.


Sound familiar? Well... In viewing the philosophy and personas of the the top three social networks they are all taking and staking different positions online.


Facebook positions its social network platform as being about people’s identity. The “Timeline” update further reinforces this position as it allows you to update your life history and place it with the appropriate date stamp in your timeline stream.

Twitter sees itself as about “Events”. Breaking news and events globally in real time but keeping its charm and interface simple.

Google+ is positioned as a platform to enable us to bring all the different online tools that we use, and our interactions with others, into one integrated tool.


In a very simple analogy... If we took a street with bars and nightclubs in it... Facebook and Twitter own some pretty fancy clubs... but Google owns the street they are on (and a few clubs too)... Google is creating a platform that by the time we get to 2018, will deliver to us the information and tools that we, as yet, do not even know we need... and in order to collect the knowledge about us and learn all about us as individuals to do that the platform must be comprehensive enough for us to supply that information in a myriad of ways...



Google+ already provides us with a lot... the ability to create a profile of who we are and why we are worth getting to know... attach pictures, videos (you tube) to embellish this and through business pages give people the chance to find out what we ‘love’ doing and the problems we can solve for others... Google+ allows us easily to find ‘like minded’ people through communities and circles, share and curate content for people that we know raising our profile... and communicate with these people easily through email, chat, messaging and Hangouts (video conferencing)... Google plus provides tools for creating, storing and sharing documents meeting the increasing need for us to collaborate with others, and this extends out to calendars and events too...


All of this of course is indexed and provides authentic proof to Google that you are a specialist in your field and the new SEO from Google... ‘Author Rank’ is fed not by using strategically placed keywords, but via Blogs, conversations and participation in communities / interest groups to demonstrate your expert status... i.e. it is derived from the content you produce day in day out about your niche.


In short Google+ is not a social media platform... it is a new way to operate... they have been busy (under the direction of Larry Page) bringing together all their separate products under the umbrella of Google Plus... this is now a new game entirely... and the best news of all is that everything that I have described is free... Google doesn’t need to monetise G+ … it already makes close to $40 billion from its advertising streams... so G+ can be kept clean and relevant for all of us using it.


With the resources available within Google to deliver... what we have already is just the beginning... the time to get on board is now... the future looks incredible exciting indeed!




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Chris Ogle of Link 4 Growth


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