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Facebook page posts see more posts which interest me


 You probably have a list of Facebook pages who's updates are important to you - whether it be local businesses who you regularly purchase from, industry pages of interest to you, or organisations which your family interact with frequently, businesses which you're a customer of that you like! 



Facebook has changed their algorithm, meaning fans see less of the posts published by business pages. 




Step One: 


Ensure you like the business Facebook page you wish to be receiving notifications for.

receive notifications from Facebook pages you like







Step Two:

Change settings to be notified when the page publishes an update. Click on the settings drop down menu shown in the image.

see page posts first in your newsfeed












Click "All on" to receive notifications.

Now you will begin to receive notifications for all future posts by the business pages you want to remain updated from!  Won't that be nice? 

Here's an image you can share yourself:

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Support Local Businesses
This is a jpeg file, useful for using online as it has a small file size. Download and use on your Facebook Business Page to encourage more of your "likers" and friends to like, share and comment on your Facebook page.
Support Local 181014.jpg
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Claire Boyles
Claire Boyles

This blog post was written by Claire Boyles, Start Up Marketing/Business Consultant, and Social Media Strategist with Success Matters.  

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