Why should you go to the Herts Business Expo 2017?

Mon 12th June, The Alban Arena, St Albans

The Herts Business Expo is the largest Business Exhibition in Hertfordshire, an annual event run as an integral part of St Albans Business Festival (by St Albans & District Chamber of Commerce & Simon George of the Hertfordshire Business Independent). 

It has over 100 exhibitors, speed networking and workshops designed to help you grow your business.  

It's THE place to be in St Albans, but only if you want to learn about and to connect with valuable business resources. 

On the day, using the hashtag #HertsExpo is a great way to find the exhibitors and other visitors you'll want to connect with. 



Powerful Marketing with your Authentic Business Voice

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10.30am - 11am Workshop:

Create Powerful Marketing with your Authentic Business Voice. 


What would it be like if your marketing:


Delivered more of the business results you're working hard to achieve?

Attracted more qualified leads?


Made it x10 times easier to convert leads into sales?

Saved your business time and money?


This workshop will guide you through a simple but powerful tool to create high impact, on brand marketing, no matter what medium and format you're using to attract more customer into your business. 



Speednetworking sponsored by Business Buzz at the Herts Business Expo, Hertfordshire Business, St Albans Business Festival week

11.30-12.30 Speed Business Networking

Get to meet 100 different businesses in the speed networking, discover the people you really want to connect with to follow up, and develop long lasting, profitable business relationships. 


Free to attend, but you do need to book your ticket for speed networking at the Herts Expo 2017. 



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Claire Boyles
Claire Boyles

This blog post was written by Claire Boyles, Start Up Marketing/Business Consultant, and Social Media Strategist with Success Matters.  

You can work with Claire on how to improve your marketing (even on a shoe string budget).  Claire specialises as a business coach working with employees who want to transition from employee to entrepreneur, helping them creating business & marketing strategies so that they earn a living doing what they love. 

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