How to Change Facebook Business Page Price Range Settings

Did you receive a notification from Facebook saying they were going to change your price settings?

Here's how to find & change the price range shown on your facebook business page

Select the Price Range which attracts

More of the Types of Customers You Want!

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You'll want to show a price range which will encourage the customers you want more of to contact you. 


If you don't want customers who are price sensitive (always seeking the lowest price regardless of quality or levels of customer service, then select a higher price range. 


If you want more customers who want a lower priced product or service, select a lower price range.  It's that simple. 


It's good marketing to put off the types of customers you don't want, otherwise they waste time energy and resources you need to focus on the customers you do want. 


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This Business Blog was written by Claire Boyles, Business & Marketing Coach

Claire Boyles
Claire Boyles

This blog post was written by Claire Boyles, Start Up Marketing/Business Consultant, and Social Media Strategist with Success Matters.  


You can work with Claire on how to improve your marketing (even on a shoe-string budget). 


Claire specialises as a business & marketing coach working with employees who are transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, and business owners who want to grow to the next stage. 

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