Business Purpose, What's Yours?

Do you have a clear purpose for your business?

What's the purpose of your business? What do you want it to achieve?   


This is the purpose for a business founded in the 1940's, can you recognise this global household brand from its original purpose of incorporation?  


If you want to create the corporations of tomorrow, you need to get clear on the purpose that your business will serve.


If you don't your business will be one of the hundreds of thousands every year which fail.  



What are you doing to get clarity about the purpose of your business?   What are you investing in creating a crystal clear vision to lead and inspire a team of people who will build a global brand around your vision? 



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This Business Blog was written by Claire Boyles, Business & Marketing Coach

Claire Boyles
Claire Boyles

This blog post was written by Claire Boyles, Start Up Marketing/Business Consultant, and Social Media Strategist with Success Matters.  


You can work with Claire on how to improve your marketing (even on a shoe-string budget). 


Claire specialises as a business & marketing coach working with employees who are transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, and business owners who want to grow to the next stage. 

She helps business owners create effective, profitable business & marketing strategies so that they earn a living doing what they love. 

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