How to Invite Friends to Like a Facebook Page, on Facebook

You follow a great page on Facebook, you know a friend who would love it too, but how do you invite them to like the page?

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Personal Professional Boundaries on Facebook

Avoiding Sharing Personal Posts with your Professional Network

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How to Share Posts from Pages into Closed Facebook Groups

Sharing Posts from Business Pages into Groups on Facebook

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How to Change Facebook Business Page Price Range Settings

Did you receive a notification from Facebook saying they were going to change your price settings?

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Creating the right size Twitter Header Image

Creating a Twitter Header without resizing files!

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What do I need in a Purchase Order System for a Growing Business?

Ask anyone who sells anything what their debtors days figure is, and they will know (even if they don’t know that term)– getting paid for the work you’ve done is key to any business, large or small and, you also need to be aware of how long it takes you to pay others.


Knowing what cash is flowing in and out of a business is critical to planning and management. 


The Prompt Payment Code is a Government initiative to encourage big businesses to pay their suppliers, particularly the smaller ones, within 30 days.


Yet, the small to medium businesses can be just as big a part of the issue as the big ones, especially if there’s a long chain, common to some services and industries. As a responsible customer, you need to ensure you pay your suppliers on time.


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Which method should you get customers to contact your business?

How to increase the number of enquiries for your business, instantly!

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How to create business videos with impact on a low budget!

Do you "get" that you need to "do" video in your marketing?  But aren't sure how?

learn how to use video for powerful marketing on a low budget


You may have already heard about how video is good for your business, you might even had read the stats, you're probably convinced that it will help your marketing but...


  • You might not be sure what to make videos about! 
  • You might not be confident in front of the camera. 
  • You might not have a clue how to use your phone and apps to improve the quality of your videos, even on a shoe string budget.
  • You might not know how to promote your videos so that thousands of your target customers actually watch them! 


If any of these apply to you, then take a look at the Go Do Video workshop (sponsored by SAGE) #SageBizMeetup in London on Weds 19th of July 


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Why should you go to the Herts Business Expo 2017?

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How Dare You Ask for a Discount?!?

A guest blog post written by Wendy Molefi-Youri MD, and founder of Vital Wellness Clinic, Hertfordshire, England.

How dare you ask for a discount??!!

please can I have a discount? What do you respond? Business Owner.


I write this NOT from some moral high ground, and certainly not from some expert vantage point.

A conversation I overheard just got me thinking out loud.


Often as business owners, especially SMEs, our clients will occasionally ask for a discount on our services. Some of us will feel affronted and somewhat undervalued by this, ‘How dare you ask for a discount??


I get it, when there are overheads to maintain, suppliers to pay and families to take care of, it may come across unreasonable and even downright disrespectful when someone asks for a discount on your valuable services.


The fact of the matter is, someone will ask. Asking for a discount in my view is part of business, it is part of life. It has been going on for centuries. For some cultures it is the norm. Most of us will have some experience of doing it ourselves in a Ghanaian market or a Moroccan souk whilst on holiday. So why should we be offended when our clients ask?


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Silly Questions

If we ask a question, we're letting people know that we don't know something.  Often, in our life experiences this can be met with laughter.  It's usually not meant to be malicious, children ask the cutest things which often make adults giggle. 

But sadly all too often laughter turns into ridicule, and if this happens to children it creates adults who are afraid to ask questions, for fear of looking "silly". 


If this is you, then this quote is written for you, to remind you it's perfectly okay to ask questions, no matter how silly you might think you could appear to others.



Asking questions is the route to knowledge....

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How a professional headshot sells your business

Our previous blog post discussed the importance of Corporate Brand Personality, and how it is created by every single person within the business.

This blog post, co-written by Mark Grey (Professional headshot Photographer) and Claire Boyles (Founder of Success Matters), explores how important it is for your business brand to have a professional headshot of the business owner.

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How to see posts on Facebook from Fanpages you actually like

Facebook page posts see more posts which interest me


 You probably have a list of Facebook pages who's updates are important to you - whether it be local businesses who you regularly purchase from, industry pages of interest to you, or organisations which your family interact with frequently, businesses which you're a customer of that you like! 



Facebook has changed their algorithm, meaning fans see less of the posts published by business pages. 




Step One: 


Ensure you like the business Facebook page you wish to be receiving notifications for.

receive notifications from Facebook pages you like







Step Two:

Change settings to be notified when the page publishes an update. Click on the settings drop down menu shown in the image.

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Corporate Brand Personality

A new book on branding has just been released, and it's not about graphic design and image!!

It's about how businesses need to understand that the personality of the individuals who work within and for the business...


It is the behaviour of those individuals which have the biggest impact on the brand, or personality of the business. 


I often describe a "Brand" as the emotional connection, or relationship between the customer and the business.  The behaviour of the individuals, how they relate to, communicate with, and treat customers is critical in determining what kind of emotional connection the customers have with the business.   Whether consciously aware of the emotional reaction (or not) to the staff's behaviour and attitude, it shapes the way a customer views the business, which determine what decisions they make to become a returning customer, or not. 

Whether you're building a business from scratch, or you're the CEO of a global organisation, understanding the personality and behaviour of the people who are the cogs of your business, is so important.  Understanding how the behaviour of every person within the business impacts your customers emotional experience of your business is THE number one priority to focus on. That is, if you want lasting, sustainable results which turn customers into raving fans who do your marketing for you. 


If you want to invest money in marketing, and you understand the values and foundations of your business brand, but don't know exactly how to implement those values into the every day business of providing a service or products to your customers, Corporate Brand Personality by Lesley Everett is the book you need to read. 



I recently enjoyed listening to Lesley being interviewed by Alan Stevens, I recommend you listen to Lesley discuss corporate brand personality and the value you can expect from her book, a great interview I really enjoyed listening. 


Lesley has been working with corporates over many years (1.5 decades apparently!), helping them refine and develop effective brands which result in business success.  She's certainly someone I would pay attention to when discussing this topic, and in this book she provides case studies which make sense of the theory.  It makes it easy to understand how to apply the principles in your own business. 


You can of course order your own copy of Corporate Brand Personality on Amazon, I am recommending to all my clients to get their own copy.   Reading it will give insight into the value of brand and how to create it at a practical level, through the people working in your business. 

Once you have this understanding, it is so much easier to build a powerful brand, because you'll be able to identify the opportunities to improve and reward the behaviours which creates a positive impact on your customers. 


 Get your copy of Corporate Brand Personality now!



Claire Boyles
Claire Boyles

This blog post was written by Claire Boyles, Start Up Marketing/Business Consultant, and Social Media Strategist with Success Matters.  

You can work with Claire on how to improve your marketing (even on a shoe string budget).  Claire specialises as a business coach working with employees who want to transition from employee to entrepreneur, helping them creating business & marketing strategies so that they earn a living doing what they love. 

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How To Get Your Facebook Page Posts Noticed and Liked by Your Customers Without Paying Fb for Advertising!

Facebook isn't your friend!

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How To Be Happy In 4 Simple Steps

So many of us are in search for happiness, and there is a variety of complex information available about what it takes to be happy and fulfilled, but I think all you really need is 4 simple steps: 

Claire Boyles "How to be happy"
I'm happy :)

How To Be Happy:


    1)       Find out what makes you happy*.


    2)      Minimise doing things that make those around you            unhappy.


    3)      Find a way to earn a living doing what you love.


    4)      Encourage and support others to explore what makes         them happy.



*Finding out what makes you happy is a lifelong project, what makes you happy will change and grow as you change and grow as a human being. 



This is probably the shortest blog post I've ever written, because I want to keep things simple.  Simple does not necessarily mean easy, and I could and will write much more on each step. 


These steps are the essence of what I've learned in the last twenty years, since aged 21 I reached a point in my life where I was so unhappy I decided to review everything I'd ever done in my life.   I've read many self help books, psychological studies, reports, research, followed different styles of counselling, been in self help groups, done many courses. 


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Marketing & Pricing Strategy Lessons from an Airport

Flying to Edinburgh
Flying to Edinburgh

I flew out of Luton Airport last week, and returned yesterday. Because of the faff & time it takes to go through security, I arrive early and hang out at the airport and usually have lunch/meal before/after I go through security. Less stress to arrive early and wait than panic when I realise I'm nearly missing my flight!



I browse the food that is available to me in the various Cafes and fast food outlets, I want something as healthy as possible that is wheat & sugar free (what I want is less relevant than the fact that I was looking for something specific)...


I end up in Marks & Spencer, and I choose a quinoa & edemame salad with garlic prawns (reduced to clear). I also bought a apple & asparagus juice. All of these are products that I would not normally buy, but I had little option as I hadn't had time to prepare food that morning before my flight.

I enjoyed my meal, and it was healthy which meant my body experienced the positive benefits of it too.



Captive Audience in the Airport
Captive Audience in the Airport

Now, here's the point to me sharing this story.


Guess how many times since I first purchased that salad (7 days ago), that I purchased it again, after never previously have been interested in it? (I've seen it on the shelves before and never chosen it).


Three, the 2nd time was when I flew back yesterday, I bought it on the way home, and ate it before I got on the train. Today I bought it again, and I specifically drove to Marks & Spencer's to buy that specific salad. Whilst I was there I bought 3 more of the cooked prawns (3 for £10) and in total spent £64 that I wouldn't have done, had I not eaten that salad on my way to Edinburgh last Sunday.



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Eliminating Fears, Taking Leaps of Faith, and How They Can Cause You Harm

Eliminate Your Fears, Success Matters

There's an ever growing popularity in the personal development/coaching/ motivational sectors with inspirational content to help "overcoming your fears", "getting rid of your fears & doubts" or sometimes "Filling your mind with dreams, so there's no room for fears".


Here's the thing, while giving yourself permission to #dream is really important, dreaming is only the first small step of many before you're likely to achieve that dream.


Fears & doubts are brilliant, and an integral part of being an emtionally healthy human being. They also have the useful benefit of highlighting the problems & challenges we could face, and when we pay attention to them, and take appropriate action can ensure that we create practical #Plans for achieving dreams.


Think about it on a most basic, practical level, if we didn't have the fear of being run down by a car, we wouldn't look both ways before we crossed the road, and if we didn't look, the chances of us being severely injured, dramatically increases.



It's not healthy to be completely fearless, in fact, it's dangerous, and is highly likely to cause you harm!

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Building Communities and Tribes as a Marketing Strategy & Dealing with Trouble Makers

Community & Tribe Building as a Marketing Strategy


When you build a community connection with people around a common theme (hobby, purpose, geographical location, etc) it connects people.  People are attracted because of that commonality. 


However, you will also attract people with different perspectives, ones that do not match your own.  What do, or should you do when you are "in charge" of "leading" the community and someone has a dissenting voice? 


Many people chose to shut out those who are "trouble makers", why would you want to keep "negative" "critical" people in your community? 


Here's why:  When you don't include these people, you alienate them, and you send a clear message out to others, if they don't agree with you, they aren't welcome either.  

That's a good thing, though isn't it?  Well, it will certainly make people fearful of expressing themselves, their concerns, so it will help minimise "negative" feedback.   It will also encourage those who are not #likeminded to leave the community. 


And here's what happens...


The community becomes splintered, those who have been hurt, excluded, isolated then start their own communities, they become "competition".   They become even more determined to show others your short comings, because they have nothing to lose; and they have proof of your wrong doing because you've isolated them from their community. 


To sum up- if you "create" or "lead" a community, it doesn't belong to you, it's not down to your personal preferences to exclude/or include people, the community has a life of its own.  You are responsible for serving that community, and all of the people in it.  Including facilitating discussions which may include conflict. 


If you're not capable of mediating conflict, allowing, and encouraging different view points and open discussion, then what you have is a dictatorship, not a community. 

And, what's more than that as a leader you need to nuture those outspoken people; they are the leaders within the community, you need to encourage them to lead other members of the community because one person alone cannot build a community, it takes connected leaders within the community to help it thrive and grow. 

As a leader you need to learn how to include these individuals, giving them the freedom they need to be the individuals they are.  When you show that you are not threatened by others (even when they have differing opinions) you show to members of your community that you are strong, and that they do not have to fear that if they do something you don't approve of, that they too may be excluded from their community. 


We all have a desire/need to "belong" to something, and there is a strong psychological driving factor that will encourage us to exclude those who aren't "In" with us, it's how societies, tribes are built.  We know who is "them" and who is "us", who we can trust, and who we cannot. 


Except that it doesn't really work like that, collaborating with those who have different perspectives enriches our communities, enriches individual lives.  This is why racism doesn't really work very well for anyone.  It has a negative affect on those who experience it being directed at themselves, and it prevents communities from benefiting from diverse cultural richness. 


If you want to spread your business message to a large number of people, using a community or tribal model, think twice about creating enemies, doing so (besides being horrid to the people you're excluding) will only make it harder for you to achieve your goals. 

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