Reach Millions of People Online with the Positive Noise from your Event

Make Your Event Trend on Twitter

If your business takes the time effort and energy to create an event, you want to make sure it has the biggest impact, not only for those attending but also those who missed out on being in the room. 


Using social media strategically can ensure that all the resources that go into creating an amazing event can also support your marketing strategy.


Expecting people to just use social media to publicise your event is naive and will rarely produce any tangible business results. 

Get Your Event Creating an Impact

We provide a bespoke service which will amplify any PR and Marketing potential your event has, by recruiting attendees, organisers and speakers. 


Many businesses "do social media" at their events, few know how to make that social media support business goals.   


Even fewer know how to create engagement that results in your business becoming a trending topic on twitter. 


Although we cannot 100% guarantee trending (if OJ Simpson happens to be on trial on the same day as your event, it may make it much harder to trend).we have effectively generated trending topics from event hashtags.   


This isn't just created on the day of the event though, it requires planning and preparation, including relationship building with key people of influence in your industry, attendees and speakers or sponsors.  


You don't need a massive team to create a big impact on social media for live events, but you do need key people who are using your social media platforms strategically, to increase the reach and amplify any online conversations.