Marketing & Business Planning Workshop for Business Owners!

One day Planning workshop for people in business or starting a business!

Stop Setting Yourself up for BUSINESS FAILURE!

Having access to a business expert doesn't have to break the bank

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Take time out to work ON your business, instead of constant busy-ness of working in your business. Take a step back, and with the insight, knowledge and expertise of a Marketing Specialist, create a plan for your business and marketing activities.


Set yourself up for Success!

This one day Marketing & Business Planning workshop is designed exclusively for owner managed businesses. 


It commences with clarifying business goals, assessing resources and strengths.


Each participant will leave with clarity on exactly what business activities they need to focus on, WHEN they need to focus on them to get their specific desired business results.

Being frantically busy does not equal success. 


This workshop will empower you to make ruthless business decisions, which bits to stop placing your time, effort and energy into, and which parts of your business to focus on to maximise results.


This Marketing & Business Planning Workshop has been specifically tailored for business owners

This planning workshop isn't just a workshop...

You'll leave with a clear idea of how you can achieve your business goals, a business template which you will have started to complete. 


You'll leave with an action plan you'll feel confident you can implement, it won't just sit on a shelf until this time next year when you remember about the workshop you attended! 


You'll have an annual marketing plan where you have identified the core marketing activities to focus on throughout the coming year.  Only the activities which focus on business results are on the plan!


You'll get a customer psychological profile tool, which will assist you getting to know your customers even better, with deeper insight into their emotions, thoughts and behaviours.  This is vital knowledge to create effective, profitable, powerful marketing. 


Without a realistic business plan you'll never secure a business loan, or attract the right investor to accelerate your business to the next level.  This workshop will help you understand exactly what you need to create a realistic business and marketing plan, which will secure investment!



Attending this Marketing and Business Planning Workshop will help you identify what business activities are a waste of time, which ones are better delegated, and how to find the right people to delegate to! 


This workshop will help you keep focused on profitable activities which will change your business success in 12 months! 


What other people say after working with Claire Boyles:

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"I've had more progress on developing my business this week - I've written content for the About page (and after some advice and help re-writing parts from Claire, it's live on the website!!! Thank you Claire!!). I also have my business name sorted and the design concept for my logo!!!! It's becoming so real now. I'm getting more excited with every success :) "


Natalie Smith, Sidney, Australia 


"I would recommend that anyone starting a business should speak to Claire before the launch! Claire helped me to take a step back from my marketing plan and rethink my strategy.

She also gave me excellent tips on how to reduce initial business costs. Claire is generous and genuinely interested in helping people." Janet Johnston Oger




"Claire I wanted to say thank for for all the great ideas you have given me regarding my website design. The suggestions you made on how to make it more attractive to my niche, how to put my products forward in the best light, were Amazing. You have an innate sense of what works commercially, which when translated into a website design, changes a hobby/infosite into a business. Thanks you receive my highest recommendation"  

Gordon Tredgold, one of the world's top Leadership experts (Contributor to Inc, Huffington Post etc) based in Florida (Originally and still a proud Yorkshire man!) 




Ticket Type    Price
Standard Ticket    £97
Early Bird Ticket    £67
Success Matters Members    £47

You may prefer to learn in a 121 setting, rather than a group.  With our Marketing & Business Coaching Package you get to work directly with our Marketing Consultant.  


This gives you 25 hours of business & marketing coaching, helping you further explore the content of this workshop.   Helping you understand which metrics to track in your business, so that you can maximise the value of your time, effort and energy. 

Please do feel free to Contact Success Matters if you'd like to discuss the workshop, or marketing & business coaching package, we're happy to talk you through which would work best for you.