Business Success Matters Event- Feb 2017

FAST Business Success Strategies

Gordon Tredgold Leadership speaker business expert world class

Gordon Tredgold is one of the top 100 leadership experts in the world, we're fortunate to have him speak at our event while he's in the UK because his book FAST has been nominated by Chartered Management Institute as the best management book of the year.  The day before our event he'll be attended the awards ceremony to find out whether he's won!  We wish him the best of luck! 


Gordon is an Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Expert and Speaker, and a Contributor Author at Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, and Business Insider. 


Gordon Tredgold Leadership speaker business expert world class FAST Business Success Strategies

Gordon is a business and IT transformation expert who has successfully delivered $100 million programs, run $300 million departments, and led teams of 1000 staff for Fortune 100 companies on a global scale.


Gordon works with Enterprises on implementing results-based leadership initiatives to rapidly accelerate the organisation’s growth.


 Gordon is going to share with us how the FAST framework helps business owners and entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes which cause 98% of businesses to fail.  This is a sneak preview of the content he's going to cover in dept at the FAST Business Success One Day Workshop on February 15th


Digi Jen on Powerful Images for Business Results

Digital Jen, aka Jenny Soppett Smith has a wealth of business experience in various roles, based locally in St Albans she utilises her expertise in supporting business owners with the things they just don't want to do.  

Her business Digi Jen provides outsourcing for online marketing, she's a Wordpress expert, keen photographer, and all around helpful and friendly person!  


Digi Jen, aka Jenny Soppet-Smith talking about using Canva for creating business images

Jenny talked about images online, and how using Canva can save small businesses a lot of cash by understanding how to produce professional looking images which get results online.

And, perhaps more importantly she covered what the risks are of producing images online, and how to make sure the images you produce actually support your business goals! 
This photo, (taken by John Williamson of Blue Orange images) shows a slide Jenny creating "Integrity", which Jenny certainly has, and is why we love working with her! 



Julie Holmes, International Keynote Sales & Marketing Speaker


Master of Ceremonies: Julie Holmes 

Ordinarily Julie delivers world class marketing & sales keynotes, but we've managed to get her booked to emcee our event!  


With her natural warmth & confidence, she's a pleasure to listen to.  Julie puts the audience at ease and delivers wit and humour engaging the whole audience together in bonding laughter. 




Some of the things attendees said they learned from the Business Success Matters Event:


"#TIL A neat trick for cleaning messy data to get it into a database"
"Be clear about goals, Keep it simple, Be accountable"
"Adapt to your market-find the need"
"95% of start ups fail! Wow! That's terrifying!"
"You can't delegate accountability"
"Love the idea of keeping things simple AND that experts make things complicated!"


"Don't follow processes blindly, have staff take responsibility"


Details and speakers at our next Business Success Matters event for business owners is here



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