Master of Ceremonies: Jeremy Nicholas will entertain and amuse us all with his humour and charm, ensuring the event runs smoothly and professionally.


Jeremy is a world class MC, experienced regional BBC News reporter,  creator of Talking Toolbox speaking masterclasses and all-round expert when it comes to communicating at events and in front of a camera.    He's also the voice of FIFA stadium announcer, so if you think he sounds familiar and you've played it, that's probably why! 



Customer Experience Expert:  Charles Bennett has helped major global corporations create successful business strategies.


Charles will share with us the importance of understanding the outcomes your customers really want, and how this gives your business the edge, even in a highly competitive market.


Social Media Magic: Chris Pike runs local social media agency Hey Burt which is behind several successful local events, such as St Albans Fashion Week.


Chris will share with us cool techno tools which will seem like magic because of the results they can bring your business.

Dr Lynda Shaw, Neuroscientist
Business Neuroscientist: Dr Lynda Shaw, 
regular expert contributor to Forbes, reveals how your brain works, and why knowing how it works can help you succeed in business.


Lynda works with many global corporations on a variety of business areas, helping them succeed. 

Details of the speakers and topics of our next Business Success Matters event


Details and speakers at our next Business Success Matters event for business owners is here



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