Topics & Speakers for June's Event:

Anna Shephard, Momentum VA

Improve your efficiency; increase your profitability

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Running your own business places a huge demand on your time, the tips Anna will be sharing with us will help you get more value out of the time you have, it's almost as good as cloning yourself! 


Anna is a local mum, she started her business when she needed to work flexibly, but optimise her skills doing the things she loves. 


Momentum VA provides a VA service to businesses, and an efficiency coaching service to help business owners get more out of the time they have. 


Having lived, worked or studied in 6 different countries on 4 continents before settling in the UK Anna has great experience adopting new roles, cultures and skills.

Anna herself says, as a German, she has a keen natural interest in efficiency and because loves to help others Momentum VA is a perfect match for her skills. 


Her business has grown and evolved and she is providing not only a super efficient VA service, but also efficiency training and consultancy for business owners. 

She'll be sharing with us great tips on efficiency, so that we're all getting more done, and are a little less stressed! 


Claire Boyles - Blogging for Business

Claire Boyles Start Up Marketing Branding online business coach on twitter, online strategy, speaker, Blogging for Business

Claire registered her first business in 2007, and discovered the power of blogging as a marketing tool at a business event similar to this one! 

She's been using blogging as a marketing tool since, and has helped many business owners find their niche and create great blogs attracting more of their ideal clients to their websites.  


Having useful, valuable content on your website which people stay and read means that Google will rank your website higher.  

People like to share great content, and blogging becomes a great way to inspire your customers to share about your business to their friends, family and whole network. 


Claire will guide you through a process where you will create a blog topic, and have a framework for writing a great blog to market your business. 


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