Business Success Matters event for Business Owners in Hemel Hempstead, Herts, hertfordshire near St Albans, Harpenden, Redbourn,
Eventbrite - Business Success Matters Event, How To for Business Owners at Desklodge Hemel (June)

A monthly business event to support business owners in starting or growing their businesses. An opportunity to meet, network and learn valuable tips to easily implement into your business. World-class industry experts share their knowledge and experience on key business topics.


90% of Start Up Businesses fail in the first three years, this event is designed specifically to give business owners access to the knowledge needed to avoid the mistakes which cause business owners to fail.   


Arrival from 6.30pm for informal networking, starting at 7pm: Expert speakers deliver business workshops.  Each workshop is filled with practical advice and insight; essential for business owners to succeed.

Eventbrite - Business Success Matters Event, How To for Business Owners at Desklodge Hemel (June)

Speakers & Topics:

Aarti Parmar of AP Brand Communications

The importance of understanding brand perception and brand personality.



A brand is much more than a logo, it's your business personality, it's what gives you the competitive advantage over other businesses potential clients are considering. 

People will be drawn towards a business brand which matches their values, in this mini practical workshop Aarti will share essential branding tips and guide us through a practical exercise to better understand our own brands, improving our marketing. 

Aarti's down to earth style of communication is easy to listen to, she'll be sharing her experience of working with many businesses to help create and recreate their brands. 


She genuinely enjoys what she does, and particularly the impact her work has on business owners, giving them confidence and pride in their own business.   Confidence is vital to be able to sell our own businesses, and this is why a powerful brand is so important for business success. 


If you're thinking of re-branding, or considering creating a new brand for your business for the first time, this is a must attend workshop!  It will get you thinking about your business brand in ways you didn't think were possible! 


About Aarti Parmar:

Aarti Parmar Brand Communications, graphic design, STANTA, St Albans Enterprise Agency


Aarti is a local Graphic Designer and Branding Specialist with many years of experience helping businesses get their brand and visual representation on target, supporting their marketing activities and helping businesses get the results they strive to achieve.


Aarti’s approach to graphic design isn’t just about making something look pretty, it’s about conveying purpose, design with purpose is more likely to emotionally connect with your potential customers, and provides the foundation for successful marketing.


Having run a creative agency in Malaysia for 10 years (after leaving thinking she would only be gone 6 months!), Aarti has returned 6 years ago and provides local businesses with her much sought after skills.   Running a creative agency gave Aarti access to valuable experience working with bluechip clients, publicly listed companies, start ups and SMEs.    On her return she worked with her family business in Harpenden re-branding it which achieved increased footfall, brand awareness and ultimately resulted in the business being bought out by a larger competitor, because they could see the value of the business which had been built with support of Aarti’s branding.


Aart sits on the board of local enterprise agency STANTA, and she is responsible for their present branding, it only took them 29 years to replace the original design!


Aarti’s skills and expertise has been recognised through her being selected as a finalist for the Best Business Women Awards 2016 for Best Business Services.

Eventbrite - Business Success Matters Event, How To for Business Owners at Desklodge Hemel (June)

Julie Holmes- Whole Company Selling


"I was the best 'worst salesperson' ever. I hated asking for the sale. So I avoided this dreaded task by making sure I knew what the prospect needed better than they did and I articulated the value so clearly they couldn't resist."


Julie Holmes has a masters in communication, and she is a master at communicating powerful marketing concepts helping businesses reduce costs and increase sales. 


Julie has done a lot more than read a few books on sales and marketing.


She started her corporate life in the 1990s as a software consultant - implementing ERP systems like JD Edwards, Oracle and Lawson at SMB and enterprise companies in the US and Europe.


Over the last 20 years she has built a track record in the B2B technology industry where she's been a quota-carrying sales rep, product manager and a Director of Marketing working at host of companies including Oracle and a tech startup.


What is Differentiation?

Julie will clearly explain what differentiation is, and how it can benefit your business, make your marketing more effective and bring you more customers who are looking for exactly what you're selling.


She'll be talking with us about how you can differentiate your business, even in a crowded market place.   With handy examples so that you can create marketing copy immediately to implement into all elements of your marketing. 



What to expect from Julie Holmes, Marketing Speaker:


Master of Ceremonies: Jeremy Nicholas will entertain and amuse us all with his humour and charm, ensuring the event runs smoothly and professionally.


Jeremy is a world class MC, experienced regional BBC News reporter,  creator of Talking Toolbox speaking masterclasses and all-round expert when it comes to communicating at events and in front of a camera.    He's also the voice of FIFA stadium announcer, so if you think he sounds familiar and you've played it, that's probably why! 


If you have any specific questions, please do let us know so that our speakers can ensure they cover the content most applicable to your business, so you get maximum value!

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What Can You Expect?

The atmosphere is fun, the focus is on laughter AND learning.  Providing a supportive, friendly environment for businesses to get to know each other and get connected with resource and expertise they need to survive and thrive.
Prizes will be given for random reasons throughout the night!     

There will be plenty of time for networking, chatting and catching up with other business owners, before and after the speakers.  

What people say about attending Business Success Matters Events:

"Heartily recommended; join us for great conversation in a relaxed environment. There is no hard sell or difficult networking. I'm shy but I felt at ease, thanks to Claire, Chris and the others for their kind welcome."  Jen Stirrup, Data Relish Ltd. 


"I enjoyed the event and took some useful tips from it.  I also really appreciated the positive, upbeat energy of the group.  I plan to be there again next month." 


"Always an enjoyable event : ) "



"Thank you, it was a super evening. Informative and entertaining in equal amounts."  Alison Murray, VA Today. 



Some of the tips people have picked up at Business Success Matters events:


"Be clear about goals, Keep it simple, Be accountable"


"Adapt to your market-find the need"


"#TIL A neat trick for cleaning messy data to get it into a database"


"95% of start ups fail! Wow! That's terrifying!"


"You can't delegate accountability"


"Love the idea of keeping things simple AND that experts make things complicated!"


"Don't follow processes blindly, have staff take responsibility"


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Speakers finish at 9pm, informal networking until the lovely Desklodge team gently kick us out around 10pm!

You can even have one to one networking inside a GIANT Box Brownie (one  of the first mass available cameras)!  This funky feature at Desklodge is a hat tip to the history and heritage that Kodak have in Hemel Hempstead.  


Jo Hailey from Striking Places used her amazing 360 degree photo gadget from Google to create this image of a group of business owners at our March event!  


Click on it and drag it around and you'll see everyone!  It's pretty cool!  


Captured in the 360 degree photograph:


Jo Hailey Striking Places 

Chris Pike, Hey Burt Social Media Management

Wendy Molefi Youri, Vital Wellness Clinic

Claire Boyles, Success Matters 

Paul Percival, ITSB24 Ltd

Sue Cohen, Sue Cohen Ltd

Jo Bayne, Sweet Charity 
Don Hales, Awards International Ltd

Gemma Reynolds, Desklodge Hemel

Aarti Parmar, AP Brand & Communications

Viviana Costcotin, True Desire Coaching 

Lewis Bryan, Stand Up Comedy Nights

Debbie Gilbert, Viva Business Networking & Mums Unltd

Kathy Soulsby, Personally Virtual

Charles Bennett, The Next Ten

Annabel Kaye, Koffee Klatch

Joanna Nowak

Grace Ngwira Royal Bank of Scotland, Hemel Hempstead



Our venue is the funky Coworking and Hotdesking venue Desklodge Hemel

Desklodge is part of the Near Desk network of coworking & meeting venues around the country, providing top class business environments for businesses to grow. 


61 Maxted Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7DZ


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Our Sponsors and Supporters

Are all great local businesses who provide awesome resources for other businesses.  Here's a little bit about who they are and what they do:

Desklodge provide the awesome, funky venue.  It's a great place to come and work using their hot-desking facility or to book a meeting room.  

Hey Burt Social Media- Chris Pike is not only handsome, but he knows a thing or two about getting results with social media.  

He is the host of #SuccessHour on twitter and you'll see him at the back of the room live tweeting the nuggets of wisdom our speakers share during our event. 

If you need help with social media for your business, you should definitely have a chat with Chris! 

Macpro Design & Print Ltd

The lovely Gail Carmen is great at understanding your printing needs and she makes sure Macpro can deliver on them.
You can rely on her advice to get you the best printing for your business.
Macpro are a family run business in St Albans.  Mum, Dad, brother and daughter all work together to create quality printed materials for hundreds of local and national businesses.  


 Striking Places Photography 
Smiley Jo Hailey is a Google trusted photographer (that means she's really good!) who creates 360 degree "virtual tours" of your business.  

The research shows that people who have experienced a virtual tour are a million* times more likely to actually come to your business in person.  If you have a location based business, you really should find out more about what Jo can do for you. 

*million might be a slight exaggeration to mask the fact that I can't remember the exact figure- but, it's a lot! Ask Jo the next time you see her! 

Stand Up Comedy Nights - Founder Lewis Bryan is a professional stand up comedian.  He also organises comedy nights and comedians at venues and corporate events locally and around the UK.

His next 4 week stand up comedy course starts in May.  It's a super fun thing to do and helps people write a comedy set and learn how to deliver it in front of a live audience!  

The course builds confidence not just to perform comedy, but also in every day conversations. The ability to make people laugh is great for customer service and building positive business relationships.

Lewis provides our sound and technical support at the event, helping us set up the venue, thank you Lewis!

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