Annabel Kaye, Employment Legislation & Contract Expert speaking about how to outsource to freelancers to grow your business, at Business Success Matters, an event for Business Owners.

Our March event was focused on how freelancers can help us grow our business, and how we can manage our health to achieve optimum performance. 

Both of our speakers shared their knowledge and expertise in ways which will continue to add value to the business owners for many years.  

Tues 7th March 6.30pm-9.30pm

Annabel Kaye

How to build your business using freelancers


It is really easy to get overwhelmed by your to-do list when you are running a growing business.

You know how hard you work to get everything ready for your deadlines.   Long hours can turn to exhilaration as you see the results.

How resilient are you?  How long can you work long hours before it starts to affect your efficiency or your health? 

Using freelancers and an outsourced team can give you the flexibility you need without committing to putting someone on payroll all the time.  Yet it’s not quite a simple as telling everyone you pay ‘You’re self-employed’.  Ask Uber or Amazon.

It is not as hard as it looks to go from overwhelm to outsourced – but it does take some key steps and some key information to make it work.


Annabel will be exploring how to hire freelancers without losing control of your data or copyright and where HMRC and even employment tribunals can suddenly appear and hand you an unexpected bill!


Learn to be a genius of outsourcing as you grow your business.

Annabel has spent almost 40 years helping growing businesses sort out the practical and legal side of paying people.   In 2009 she got really interested in the gig economy and how flexible working and outsourcing could work or hurt.


She has spent the last few years helping business get real REAL value from the people they pay and filling the gaps that most entrepreneurs leave wide open for trouble.





Managing Your Health for Optimum Performance

As a business owner, you are your businesses most important asset.  To neglect your own health is to neglect the well being of your own business.  Wendy Molefi-Youri will be helping us understand how we can manage our own health, to achieve optimal performance!  

It's not about becoming a health fanatic, or adopting strange fangled diets, Wendy will share with us useful and practical tips on how to take care of our physical and mental health, so our businesses get the best from us.  

Wendy Molefi-Youri

Founder of Vital Wellness Clinic, providing a comprehensive health and wellbeing service for professionals and businesses. Highly experienced GP with more than 12 years experience, having worked for many years in the NHS as well as the private sector. Passionate about providing a wholesome approach to health. Qualified health and wellness coach. Mindfulness teacher currently undertaking a Masters degree in Mindfulness based cognitive therapy at Oxford University.

Marketing Expert Claire Boyles


Master of Ceremonies: Claire Boyles 


Multi talented, Claire has been described as a polymath, she's the person who books the speakers, markets the event, organises the event, and this month she's going to try her hand at emceeing the event too!   
She likes variety, which is one of the reason she particularly likes her job helping support a wide range of businesses through business coaching and marketing support. 



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Sponsors & Supporters of the Business Success Matters Event


Social Media Magic: Chris Pike runs local social media agency Hey Burt which is behind several successful local events, such as St Albans Fashion Week.


Chris will share with us cool techno tools which will seem like magic because of the results they can bring your business.