Topics & Speakers for May's Event:

Philippa Taylor - Getting to the heart of your business story for the press and media

Grand Union PR Philippa Taylor, PR for food lifestyle businesses, get your story told

Philippa Taylor has worked creating PR for major UK and global brands, she now runs Grand Union PR which focuses on providing PR, content creation and training for food and well being businesses.   This fits perfectly with Success Matters, as our core aim is to work with businesses which create happiness, health and wealth. 

Philippa is going to share with us how you can get your business story told and picked up by mainstream media.  She shares from proven industry experience, not just something she's read in a book. 
You'll get to ask her your own questions too.  This is a great opportunity not to miss, you should always be keeping your eye out for opportunities to get your businesses mentioned in media, after this talk you'll know exactly how to do that in ways that journalists will love you.



Philippa is a Public relations and communications specialist, she has PR and communications training experience in the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East for corporates, EU departments, PR agencies and individuals: PR strategy and planning; beginner's guide to PR; crisis management; event management; what's your story/PR writing; media relations; internal communications and corporate communications.



Aarti Parmar - Creating Your Brand

A brand is much more than a logo, it's your business personality, it's what gives you the competitive advantage over other businesses potential clients are considering. 

People will be drawn towards a business brand which matches their values, in this mini practical workshop Aarti will share essential branding tips and guide us through a practical exercise to better understand our own brands, improving our marketing. 

Aarti's down to earth style of communication is easy to listen to, she'll be sharing her experience of working with many businesses to help create and recreate their brands. 



Aarti genuinely enjoys what she does, and particularly the impact her work has on business owners, giving them confidence and pride in their own business.   Confidence is vital to be able to sell our own businesses, and this is why a powerful brand is so important for business success. 


If you're thinking of re-branding, or considering creating a new brand for your business for the first time, this is a must attend workshop!  It will get you thinking about your business brand in ways you didn't think were possible! 


Aarti Parmar Brand Communications, graphic design, STANTA, St Albans Enterprise Agency


Aarti is a Branding Specialist (and a qualified coach) with many years of experience helping businesses get their brand and visual representation on target, supporting their marketing activities and helping businesses get the results they strive to achieve.


Aarti’s approach to brand design isn’t just about making something look pretty, it’s about conveying purpose, design with purpose is more likely to emotionally connect with your potential customers, and provides the foundation for successful marketing.


Having run a creative agency in Malaysia for 10 years (after leaving thinking she would only be gone 6 months!), Aarti has returned 6 years ago and provides local businesses with her much sought after skills. Running a creative agency gave Aarti access to valuable experience working with bluechip clients, publicly listed companies, start ups and SMEs. On her return she worked with her family business in Harpenden re-branding it which achieved increased footfall, brand awareness and ultimately resulted in the business being taken over by a larger competitor, because they could see the value of the business which had been built with support of Aarti’s brand communications.


Aarti sits on the board of local enterprise agency STANTA, and she is responsible for their present branding, it only took them 29 years to replace the original design!


Aarti’s skills and expertise has been recognised through her being selected as a finalist for the Best Business Women Awards 2016 for Best Business Services, and finalist for St Albans Chamber of Commerce 2017 for Best New Business.