Content Marketing

What is content marketing? 

How do you create successful content marketing?  


Can content marketing improve your position in your industry market? 


Can content marketing generate new qualified leads?  


Is content marketing important for SEO?


Can content marketing help more people find the products and services your business sells?


Can content marketing make the sales process quicker, easier and cheaper? 


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... 



Our Content Marketing Workshops...


Start with an overview of content marketing, some excellent examples, broken down into why and how they have been successful. 


We help you get a deeper psychological insight into your customers needs, desires, and problems. 


When you better understand these, writing content which speaks to each means you can create powerful positive emotional connections with new potential customers much easier! 


We help you define your unique content marketing strategy. 


Brainstorm content marketing ideas, using the proven framework. 


Choose one idea and create a piece of content together, discussing and analysing the components of what works and what doesn't. 


What analytics should you measure?  If you don't know what results your content marketing is creating, what's the point in doing it?   We highlight key metrics to track, so you can measure your success. 



All our workshops can be delivered as taster session seminars at events, as public workshops, or closed in house training days. 

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