CoWorking Jelly in Slug & Lettuce St Albans

every Wednesday 10am-4pm

Do you work from home in St Albans area?



The St Albans Coworking Jelly in the Slug & Lettuce might just be what you need!  It's a way for people who work at home connect with each other.  

It can be great working from home, and it can also be isolating, no "water cooler" chats with colleagues, or someone to discuss an idea with. 


What is a Coworking Jelly? 


A regular event where people who work from home meet up to work together!   


This could be people running their own businesses, people who have corporate jobs but work from home all or part of the time, or people who are job seeking. 

Connecting with humans is important, when we work from home it can be isolating, coworking events provide the solution. 



How much does attending a Coworking Jelly cost?

St Albans Coworking Jelly #StAlbansCowork #Coworking event for businesses in Slug and Lettuce, Victoria Street, St Albans Hertfordshire, business community


Nothing!  There is no attendance fee, no membership fees, no professional lockouts, just turn up with whatever you want to work on anytime between 10am- 4pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. 


Not only that, Slug & Lettuce also run a free to join Slug & Jelly corporate club, which gives members 10% off all food and drink (Sun- Thurs), preferential bookings for parties and events and exclusive invitations to VIP openings and "dry runs" for their new venues.




What about if I don't want to talk to people?

We have 2 areas at the Slug & Jelly St Albans, one is the #ChatZone where people sit if they're happy to have a chat with people as they work away. 


We have a #WorkZone for when you need to get your head down and concentrate  


Where is the Slug & Jelly Coworking Event?

Where is the best place to park?



In the Maltings car park, on Victoria Street, it's not free but it is only 1 minute walk from the Slug & Lettuce.  



Book your free place on upcoming Coworking Jelly in St Albans (Slug & Jelly)

Jelly Coworking event logo in St Albans Slug and lettuce, victoria street, hertfordshire

UK Jelly is a national website which lists all of the coworking jellies around the UK. 


The UK Jelly Coworking logo was created by Anil Amrit

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