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From Overwhelm into Clarity with Richard Lalchan, Clarity Coach

Apologies, despite testing before we went live, the webinar tech did not show Richard's camera, so we've edited it to at least include his photo when he's speaking!  Still great value and lots of brilliant tips on how we can avoid overwhelm when running our businesses! 



Intro to GDPR with Annabel Kaye & Chris Pike

Annabel Kaye spoke at our monthly Business Success Matters event for business owners in St Albans on 4th April, Chris interviewed her on live webinar the week before. 

Annabel has decades of experience reading, understanding legislation and helping businesses stay on the right side of the law.  She's probably one of the few GDPR experts who have read the actual legislation, understood it and translates it into plain English for the rest of us! 

There are lots of "GDPR Experts" out there at the moment, many of them providing scary information prompting people to spend a significant investment on getting their data processes compliant.   But is this really necessary?  Annabel explains what GDPR is really all about, and how start up businesses and smaller businesses can be compliant without investing in huge cumbersome processes. 

If you want to know what you really need to know about GDPR, get in touch with Annabel Kaye. 

Social Media Webinar for PSA Regions begins at 7pm Weds 19th Oct