Style Guide for Photos at Business Success Matters:


Generally capturing people chatting, laughing and enjoying the event. 


Speakers- shots of them mid flow with as many audience heads in the shots as possible- makes it look more impressive for our marketing and theirs that we get full rooms at our events. 

The style and composition of photos you're all doing is great- but John & Spike your photos are showing as much darker than Jo's, which isn't as good for marketing. 


I've created this page to show what I mean (I tried with words when chatting with Spike and I didn't do very well!). 



Jo's Photos:

I love these photos because there is lots of light and colour in them, this is warm and welcoming, and attractive, likely to encourage more people to attend the event. 

Spike's Photos

John's Photos

       Spike's                                                             Jo's                                                     John's

This is how I've edited photos so I can use it:

While I admit the colours aren't right- I'm not a professional at this, but the key is that there is a LOT of light in the photo, the shadows are minimised and the photo doesn't look dark because there is not a lot of black in it (even though there are dark colours and blacks in the clothes. 


Shame about the loop hanging from Kirsty's top, but hopefully this can show the difference in light/colour that I would like



With this one the main thing which stops me being able to use this in print is the fact that the door is open :(   If you spot things like that at the event, please feel free to close doors, or move clutter out of the way.  

My goal is to create a high class event, professionally run (I know we're far from that at the moment) but I want to continually improve, and the photos need to be the best possible to show off the best of the event and encourage more people to attend. 

My goal is that that event will start generating income and we can all earn money from it- not just from referrals and recommendations.