Online Marketing Strategy Workshop

One Day Course exclusively for Business Owners

Online Marketing, there's so much to do, but which bits are right for YOUR business?

Online Marketing Strategy for Business Owners, one day workshop course for businesses, entrepreneurs, start ups Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Herts, Hertfordshire

If you're running your own business, you'll be aware of the million and one things you could be doing for your online marketing, but it's very difficult to navigate which ones are worth investing your time effort and energy. 


We've designed this workshop to help you identify the needs of your customers, and how you can communicate effectively to them, creating powerful marketing, so that more customers are attracted to you, generating qualified quality leads. 


This workshop is a blend of information & expertise sharing and hands on research and immediate implementation in your business. 



Claire Boyles talks about what you can expect from the Online Marketing Strategy Workshop:

Content Covered in Online Marketing Strategy:

Identifying your ideal customers:


Which customers would you like more of?  We'll guide you through how to identify the best customers for your business.  In the workshop we'll build a psychological profile of them, so that you'll find it easier to find them, and attract them to your business.  


This is essential foundations of any marketing strategy, knowing this will make your online marketing even more powerful 


Your Website: What needs to be on it


We'll cover the essential elements of any successful website, ensuring you're optimising your website in terms of design, layout, and "usability". If you already have a business website, we'll review it during the workshop and identify key areas of improvement, making it more relevant and interesting to your target customers. 


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):


We'll cover the essential of building a long term SEO strategy, highlighting the key areas to focus on which will bring you medium to long term business results.  Unfortunately SEO is not an area where instant results are likely, however if you work on the right elements, you'll be reaping the results for many years to come. 

Social Media Strategy:

learn about social media strategy for your business in Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans


We will cover the main social media platforms, providing an overview with the way they work, the types of people using them, and how businesses can make best use of them.  

The workshop will research live whether your target customers are active on each platform, helping you create the most effective marketing strategy for your business. 

Live Streaming Videos:


The benefits uses and downsides to live videos.  Which platforms are likely to be most useful for your business. What you need to do to prepare so you can maximise the results of any live videos for your business. 


Virtual Tours:


We'll cover the value and use of virtual tours, especially useful for location based businesses. 


Google My Business: 


What do you need to get your business listed on google maps? How can customers leave your business reviews on Google?  These and many more questions answered.  



Why is this course being run? 


There is so much information about what you could be doing online to market your business, and often business owners find this overwhelming and confusing.   This course is designed to give you an accurate overview of online marketing AND help you decide which bits will be more likely to work well for your business, taking into consideration your resources and the time you have to invest. 


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Who is running this course? 



Claire Boyles, of an experience business coach, and marketing speaker who specialising in working with business owners.  Claire understands the particular needs of those who run their own business.  She has designed this course to give the maximum possible value and clarity.  You won't come away with a head full of ideas, without knowing which ones you should implement.  You'll come away inspired, motivate and clear which things are going to bring the right results for your business. 



What type of ROI can you expect when you attend

the Online Marketing Strategy workshop?



You'll come leave the workshop with:

  • Clarity about which online marketing activities are going to produce the business results you want. 
  • Increased online marketing knowledge, giving you the ability to assess value of marketing opportunities.
  • Action Plan: 

    You'll come away with a clear action plan, you'll know which things you should be working on over the next 6 weeks to build a long lasting online presence which supports, not hinders your business. 

  • You'll have a daily & weekly checklist of action items to gradually build and strengthen your online business presence. 


During the course you'll have time & space to:


  • Research different online platforms, assessing the value for you business. 
  • Research how your customers are using online resources.
  • Create your own online marketing, targeting more of your ideal customers. 



Workshop Venue: Torrington Hall, St Albans, Hertfordshire.

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Arrive: 9.45am 


There will be breaks throughout the day, tea/coffee/water and light snacks will be available.   


We'll take a short lunch break, you can bring your own with you or we recommend Hatch a cafe on Holywell Hill (you can order your lunch to be delivered to Torrington Hall).  

The workshop will finish at 4pm, but the course instructor will be available for any additional questions until 5pm if you wish to stay longer. 


How to Find Entrance to Torrington Hall Car Park

(Car park entrance is NOT on Holywell Hill!)