From Overwhelm, into Clarity

Richard Lalchan, Clarity Coach


This webinar was recorded live, Claire Boyles interviews experienced Clarity Coach Richard Lalchan on how business owners can avoid overwhelm and move into clarity. 



It's easy to become overwhelmed, as a business owner there are a LOT of things you are directly responsible for, and they don't always have neatly planned deadlines, often they all demand attention at the same time. 


This interview discusses key tips on avoiding overwhelm, setting boundaries and taking back control over when you do things in your business. 


Richard is speaking on the topic at our Business Success Matters event in St Albans.  

He's also running an exclusive Overwhelm into Clarity workshop on Thurs 10th Oct, so if you want to avoid getting overwhelmed in your business, this could be just what you need! 


(Further information about the workshop can be found below the video)


From Overwhelm into Clarity Webinar

From Overwhelm into Clarity Workshop

How to beat overwhelm, and make profitable business decisions. 
(Workshop on setting priorities for your business and life)

Why this workshop?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount you need to do? You go from blog to blog, reading book after book, receiving so much advice, but find yourself getting over-loaded and confused, leading to analysis paralysis. You get stuck not knowing what to do next…and fearful in case you make the ‘wrong’ decision.

At the same time you want to ensure you deliver excellent customer service so your business survives–especially in these unsettled political and economic times. It would also be nice to have a balanced life, enjoying quality time with family and friends.

Running a business is a challenge, and there are a lot of different demands placed upon on you.

Now, imagine if you took 3 hours out of your day to assess where you are, setting and adjusting your priorities and goals, coming out with a clear set of actions that you choose to do...and with the motivation to do it.

Not just a “wish list” of “wouldn’t it be nice if…” but, with guidance from an expert, helping you have confidence that the elements you’ve chosen will support you in achieving your business goals, and to have a healthy work-life balance (work-life balance is something real business people can actually have, it’s not just a unicorn!)


That would be great, right?

In the busyness of life it may be the only 3 hours you take out in the next quarter to work ON your business not IN your business. Eight months of the year have gone by already. However it’s worked out for you, you’ll never get that time back. But that means three months of it are still to come. Investing 3 hours on your business will mean you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success in the lead up to a new year.



Overwehelm into Clarity workshop for business owner by Richard Lalchan, Clarity Coach St Albans Hertfordshire

Who is it this Clarity Workshop for?

This workshop has been tailored specifically for business owners who:

  • Never seem to have enough time in the day, or days in the week

  • Don’t have enough quality time with family and friends

  • Always starting projects, but never finishing them

  • Feel stressed that they’re missing golden opportunities by being too busy keeping the business alive

  • Struggle to set priorities and know what to do next

  • Don’t seem to have time for hobbies (what are those, I remember having them once, I think!)


This workshop is not for people who have a perfectly organised life, have a work-life balance to die for, who never feel overwhelmed, who eat “setting priorities and goals” for dinner...with a dessert of achieving them!

If that’s not you...there’s a great quote by Greg McKeown in his book Essentialism that says “If you don’t prioritise your life, someone else will.” If you can relate to that, come join us to escape the day-to-day firefighting and enjoy taking a helicopter view of your business and life to check you’re on the right path and/or get you back on track.

You will be working with your peers, who have similar experiences and stresses to deal with so they can relate to you, and any challenges discussed will be kept confidential.


What and when?

½ Day workshop Thursday September 12th 2019 - 9.45am - 12.45pm (3 hours)

For this half day workshop our focus will be using the Clarity Wheel, my take on the tried and tested Wheel of Life, that has helped thousands of people to assess their business and life to find some balance.


What to bring

Please bring your pen and notebook/laptop/tablet as this is a practical workshop and you will be implementing ideas immediately.


Workshop will be restricted to a maximum of 8 participants, to ensure quality and focus on each attendee specific needs.

Key benefits:

  • clear space to think about your business direction

  • discover what’s important in your life and how it affects your business

  • breakthrough information overload

  • set goals, breaking them down into less overwhelming actions

  • chance to discuss and brainstorm your goals with other business owners

  • assess your current goals and their continued relevance


You will leave the workshop having a clear path ahead knowing each step you will take.

Who is running this workshop?

The workshop is being led by Richard Lalchan, Clarity Coach and Digital Marketeer. Richard has run numerous events, produced podcasts and written articles helping business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs prioritise their life; punch procrastination, ditch distraction, obliterate overwhelm, break out of fear, grow in confidence and get stuff done.



The next From Overwhelm into Clarity Workshop will be in early 2020, watch this space for dates, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out.


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