SEO Workshop

One Day Course exclusively for Business Owners

Having a website is great, but can people who are searching for what you sell find it?

Online Marketing Strategy for Business Owners, one day workshop course for businesses, entrepreneurs, start ups Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Herts, Hertfordshire



Content Covered in SEO for Business Owners Workshop:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):


We'll cover the essentials of building a long term SEO strategy, highlighting the key areas to focus on which will bring you medium to long term business results.  

Unfortunately SEO is not an area where instant results are likely, however if you work on the right elements, you'll be reaping the results for many years to come. 

Identifying your ideal customers:


Which customers would you like more of?  We'll guide you through how to identify the best customers for your business.  In the workshop we'll build a psychological profile of them, so that you'll find it easier to find them, and attract them to your business.  


This is essential foundations of any marketing strategy, knowing this will make your online marketing even more powerful 


Introduction to Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Once you're clear on exactly the type of customers you want to attract, you can start guessing what they might be searching for online when they want to buy what you're selling. 


Using Google's free adwords Keyword Planner can give you a good indication of which search terms are best to focus on.   Once you've chosen your search terms, this will shape the keywords you use in your whole SEO strategy. 

Writing Your Content for People, Not Search Engines!

Write the content on your website to answer real questions from real potential customers. 

Don't write to keyword or keyphrase stuff the page.   Write to keep people's attention and curiosity, giving them value along the way. 


Always have a call to action, tell customers what you'd like them to once they've read that section. 


Google repeatedly states that the most important aspect of SEO is writing quality content that real people want to read, if you aren't going to take notice of Google, who are you going to listen to?  When it comes to SEO they invented it! 

What you need to do on your website for SEO


  • Assess your current SEO.
  • Technical Stuff (speed of website etc)
  • Assess Links external and internal (ensure they're on keywords) 
  • Alt Tags (Sign posting images for search engines)
  • Keywords in headings on pages
  • Google preview blurb (make people want to click through to YOUR site)
  • Optimise Images (Make it easy for your website to download)
  • Site Map (Make sure Google knows what pages you have)




Social Media Strategy:

learn about social media strategy for your business in Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans


We will cover the main social media platforms, how they can help a good SEO strategy.  It's not simply a matter of posting and scheduling any old content. 

Benefits of Videos:


The benefits uses and downsides to live videos and embedded videos, how this can help SEO.  


Virtual Tours: 

We'll cover the value and use of virtual tours, especially useful for location based businesses. 


Google My Business: 


What do you need to get your business listed on google maps? How can customers leave your business reviews on Google?  These and many more questions answered.  



Action Plan: 


You'll come away with a clear action plan, you'll know which things you should be working on over the next 6 weeks to build a long lasting online presence which supports, not hinders your business. 

You'll have a daily & weekly checklist of action items to gradually build and strengthen your online business presence. 



Why is this course being run? 


There is so much information about what you could be doing online to market your business, and often business owners find this overwhelming and confusing.   This course is designed to give you an accurate overview of SEO and the small steps you can do to increase the number of people who are actively seeking what your business is selling. 



Who is running this course? 


Claire Boyles, of an experience business coach, and marketing speaker who specialising in working with business owners.  Claire understands the particular needs of those who run their own business.  She has designed this course to give the maximum possible value and clarity.  You won't come away with a head full of ideas, without knowing which ones you should implement.  You'll come away inspired, motivated and clear which things are going to bring the right results for your business. 



What type of ROI can you expect if you attend the Online Marketing Strategy workshop?


You'll come away with:

  • Clarity about SEO 
  • and a clear action list on what you need to do to improve the results from your website. 
  • In a few months you'll start to see the results of the changes you've implemented. 

In the workshop there will be time for you to implement as you learn, just bring your laptop with you!