a Tweet Chat for Business Owners,

BY Business Owners,

to support you managing & growing your business!

Twitter has changed, way back in January 2009 when I discovered twitter it was a great place for conversation, to "meet" new people and easily make friends with like minded people.


These days it's filled with a lot of "stuff" which is tweeted on auto pilot, and not as many people seem interested in having conversations. 


There is one area where this isn't true, these are #tweetchats.  Usually run weekly with a specific topic or focus, such as #BlogHour or #HertsHour. 


Some tweet chats are great, others seem to be an endless stream of tweets by business owners saying "Look at me" "buy our stuff", littered with the occasional chat about the weather or what people are having for dinner.  


The friendly chat is fine, but not necessarily something I want to do for the whole hour when my objective is to get to know people and their businesses better. 


#SuccessHour Tweet chat is a bit different

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#SuccessHour: a tweet chat with a difference!

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We want to change tweet chats into genuine discussion and learning opportunities for those involved.  So, we created a tweet chat for business owners, by business owners, with a new topic each week, and occasional guest experts sharing content which helps business owners start up, manage and grow their businesses.


9-10pm (GMT) every Tuesday with regular host Claire Boyles (Success Matters) Ian Stephens aka LawnMasterNotts and Lord Simon Jacobs of Professional Weirdos! 


If you want to learn ways to grow your business, reduce your stress, increase your income, improve your marketing, learn how and when to delegate, how to attract and retain the right team, how to sell your business when the time is right, or anything else to help you manage and grow your business #SuccessHour is the place on twitter to be.


We encourage everyone to share their own experiences, tweet what's worked for you, have conversations with other business owners, and read the tweets from our guest experts. 



Format of #SuccessHour Tweet chat:

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Every #SuccessHour we tweet out questions on the topic of the week, everyone can answer these questions, or ask your own!


Throughout #SuccessHour - Q1, Q2, Q3 etc will identify the question and be tweeted from Success Matters twitter account.  We include #SuccessHourQ hashtag only in the tweets with the questions, this makes it easy to find the questions.   

It's easy to lose track when so many tweets are flying by during the hour. 




Ask your own questions:

Feel free to ask your own questions too, our guest expert will answer as many questions as possible during the hour. 


If you want to ask a question anonymously Direct Message Success Matters or email us and we'll add it to the questions we tweet to our experts during #SuccessHour.



Join the conversation

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If someone shares something interesting and valuable, please do let them know, Retweet them, "like" their tweet, thank them.   Tweet to them what you liked about it and how it can help you, remember to include #SuccessHour in your tweet so everyone else can see your tweet too. 


If you have something useful to add, feel free to tweet (including #SuccessHour).


Follow each other, the numbers your twitter account has do help provide "social proof" to prospective customers, so support each other by following.  This will help you keep in touch in between #SuccessHour tweet chat times, and help you grow your network.


Ask people about their businesses, do they have similarities to yours?  Is there an opportunity for collaboration, joint ventures?  Can you share insight into their target customers?   If you think it would be useful, tweet it! 


Remembering of course to include #SuccessHour in your tweets and replies, so more people get to see your tweets. 


It might be helpful to open a few tabs in your browser- one for following all the tweets on #SuccessHour and one for see your notifications of replies/new followers/Retweets/Likes of your own twitter account. 


What's in it for you?

Engaging during tweet chats like #successhour is a great way to connect to resources and information to help you grow your business.   
To build your network of people on twitter who know what your business does, so they can recommend and refer people to you. 


Generally improve the exposure of your business to more people and potential customers.  

During the second week of running #successhour we achieved 545,000 impressions per hour!  That means tweets containing #successhour were shown 445,000 times on various screens, devices and gadgets around the planet!  That's similar to having a poster on the London Underground (with high levels of footfall), more people get to see your business.  More people seeing your tweets means more people knowing about your business, following from you, and if you a creating good content on twitter with links to your website, the more people who follow you, the more traffic you'll get to your website. 

*At the end of August 2017 we achieved a reach of 1.7 million impressions the week Bryony Thomas was our guest expert, topic #Marketing. 


#SuccessHour is a spam free zone!


No spamming please!!  Have conversations, by all means share what you and your business does, but #SuccessHour is not a tweet chat for self promotion, it is for collaboration, and sharing resources which have helped you grow your business.  


Join the Conversation. 



Deeper Conversation in our Facebook Group

Deeper Conversation, stay connected, get to know each other better.



We've created a #SuccessHour Facebook group if you want to continue discussions in between weekly #SuccessHour. 

Let's face it, sometimes we do need more than 140 characters, even when we have mastered brevity! 

Stay in touch throughout the week, join us in our #SuccessHour Facebook Group.



Where is #SuccessHour located?

The main host Success Matters is based in the UK, but anyone anywhere in the world who has access to internet is welcome to join #SuccessHour.

Clearly it might suit some time zones better than others, but we expect to have regulars from the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. 


Essentially #SuccessHour is in your living room, office, on the bus, in the pub, wherever you have internet access, we'll be there!


The language will be in English, I personally spell in UK English, but we can translate typo or even American spellings too ;)


Do you have expertise or business experience you can share?


Become a #SuccessHour guest expert:


If you have business expertise you'd like to share with business owners, we'd be delighted to have you as our guest expert one week. 

Please give us some details about what topic you'd like to be a guest expert on and what dates you're available.

Tweet and Share about #SuccessHour


Share the Twitter love! 


Please share with your twitter followers and existing network about #SuccessHour the more people, the merrier!  

#SuccessHour Topics so far have included Google Analytics, Starting Up a new business, Data to help your business grow, email marketing, hiring a VA, contracts, social media, images for your business, attending exhibitions, marketing strategies, and lessons learned in business! 


Previous #SuccessHour chats have been collated by Clare P of DittoVA 


This mini video tutorial will help you get more out of tweet chats: