Would you like to be a #SuccessHour expert?

If you have expertise, knowledge or experience on a topic you'd like to share as a #SuccessHour expert here are a few guidelines of how it works: 


Choose a topic which: 

1)  You have knowledge, expertise, or experience in. 

2)  That is useful to people who are running their own businesses. 

3)  That you want to be "known for". 


Once you fill in the form below we'll arrange a call over phone/Skype to discuss your topic and together create the questions you'll be asked during the live tweet chat.   This gives us chance to create the questions which best position you and help business owners (win win).  You'll then be able to answer the questions before the #SuccessHour and copy & paste them into tweets, giving you more time for real time interaction and to respond to questions from our participants during the hour. 


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