This seminar is perfect for Business events, specifically designed to help business owners understand the different roles needed in a small business.   

Some hats suit some people better than others, delegating as soon as you can, and finding ways to delegate cheaply is key to small businesses building firm business foundations. 

This talk makes sense for the business owner of what they should and could be delegating, and to who.  It also covers how to find the right people that suit the hats they don't want to wear! 


Lots of business "experts" tell business owners they need to do everything in their business, to keep costs low.  However, in Claire's experience working with start ups since 2009 the businesses which succeed are the ones who build a bigger team quicker.   

There are ways of reducing the cost, but trying to do everything yourself will slow your business down considerably.  Wearing the hat that suits you best as a business owner not only makes you more effective, but also your team.   


Claire's warm, engaging style of speaking makes the audience feel like they're having a conversation, and can access the expertise that can truly make their business soar. 


If you need a speaker who can add value to your business event, Claire Boyles is a speaker you can trust to deliver. 


Contact us if you would like Claire Boyles to speak at your business event.