Website Workshop for Businesses!

One day website workshop for people in business or starting a business!

This Website Building Workshop requires you to have ZERO technical skills or aptitude!  

Website workshop for business owners in St Albans Hertfordshire

This one day website workshop will give you a fully functioning website that is easy for you to use so that you can market your business and sell online, straight away.


Do you want to start your own business, or grow your existing business?


Having a website is essential to help your business grow, but, many start up business owners don’t have a huge budget to invest in getting their business or website live and fully functioning. 


£1,000-£10,000 for a great website that helps your business grow is a reasonable investment to make.   

It's a more than reasonable amount  to pay for someone’s skills knowledge and expertise, to design a brilliant custom made website, but it is only reasonable IF you have £1,000 to invest!!!


Most people starting up a business have very little money to invest into their business, they're trying to find ways to create an income, not spend money!!  


Having your own business website doesn't have to break the bank

get your business website online without breaking the piggy bank budget start up

The good news is that you don't need £1,000 to investment in a website which does exactly what you need it to!  


It is possible to have a website which helps your business grow from a tiny seed (your ideas) into a fully fledged business, without breaking open your piggy bank!


But this is ONLY possible if you know what systems to use, and what you need ON your website to be able to make online sales!


Marketing and how to build businesses on a shoestring budget is what I've been teaching my clients since 2008; how to write content that sells, and get your products seen online by your potential customers, to make it easy for them to buy from you.  


Not everyone on a start up budget can afford the 1 to 1 business coaching that I provide. I've created this one day Website Workshop to reduce costs so that you can learn the vital things for your business to be successful on the world wide interwebs...


Booking details further down the page



This Website Workshop has been specifically tailored for business owners

This website workshop isn't just a workshop...


When you book your place, you don't just get to attend the one day workshop, you also get preparation guides and follow up 121 coaching afterwards: 


Support and pre workshop guides:

(sent to you once you book)

This gives you a head start on what you need to form the foundations of building a powerful website.  You'll also get sent a link to the live website template which you're going to build your own website from!   This website template has a full "how to" guide and tips on each of its pages, giving you the foundation knowledge and understanding of good content to have on your website. 



The Workshop:

4.5 hours training with an experienced start up marketing expert guiding you in creating your own website live during the workshop! 

(Details of content covered is listed in the next section below).



Unlimited Tea/Coffee & mineral water with #HealthyYum snacks.



Follow up 1-2-1 coaching session: 

To help you get the very best from the workshop, you get the support and guidance you need so that you can continue to implement and improve the online marketing strategy you will have created on the day.



Ongoing Social Media and online support: 

I love championing my clients, once you've got your website live I'll happily tweet, blog, instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook about your business.  This helps you widen your customer base and exposure, and strengthens your SEO by giving you links and traffic to your website. 


What do you learn on this Website Workshop?


Attending this Website Workshop will produce a fully working website tailored specifically to grow your business and your online sales.


This workshop isn’t just about building a website it’s also about you learning how to create the right content and the right visual design which resonates with your potential customers, to produce the business results you want.


website workshop success matters st albans hertfordshire websites for business owners start ups

Course Overview, what you will learn:

This website workshop for business owners covers: 

  • Writing powerful copy to connect with your ideal customers. 

  • Choosing the best domain name (web address)

  • Structure of your website- what pages do you really need? 

  • Connecting Social Media accounts 

  • SEO strategy - what you need to focus on to help your website get found by more people who want what your business offers. 

  • How to install Google Analytics (FOC). 

  • Installing a blog & what to create as blog posts

  • Creating products for sale in your store. 


At the end of this workshop you will have a functioning website that you are able to easily update yourself (without incurring web developer fees with each change you need to make) and you can expand your website by adding pages and store products as your business grows. 


What other people say after working with Claire:

"I've had more progress on developing my business this week - I've written content for the About page (and after some advice and help re-writing parts from Claire, it's live on the website!!! Thank you Claire!!). I also have my business name sorted and the design concept for my logo!!!! It's becoming so real now. I'm getting more excited with every success :) "


Natalie Smith, Sidney, Australia 


"I would recommend that anyone starting a business should speak to Claire before the launch! Claire helped me to take a step back from my marketing plan and rethink my strategy.

She also gave me excellent tips on how to reduce initial business costs. Claire is generous and genuinely interested in helping people." Janet Johnston Oger





"Claire I wanted to say thank for for all the great ideas you have given me regarding my website design. The suggestions you made on how to make it more attractive to my niche, how to put my products forward in the best light, were Amazing. You have an innate sense of what works commercially, which when translated into a website design, changes a hobby/infosite into a business. Thanks you receive my highest recommendation"  

Gordon Tredgold, one of the world's top Leadership experts (Contributor to Inc, Huffington Post etc) based in Florida (Originally and still a proud Yorkshire man!) 





The Turquoise Things website was built within 2 hours, with Jimdo Websites, from nothing, that's how easy to use this system is! 

If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use Jimdo, the difficult part is deciding what to write and where to put links! 

you don't need wordpress to build a website with good search ranking! Jimdo websites is great, cheap and easy to use!

This website ( was built using Jimdo- as this image shows from Alexa Traffic ranking tool- considering it has been built on a low budget, and it is competing against every other business in the UK (including multi nationals), it's listed as 82,819th!  
That's pretty good, and you can achieve this too, by attending the website workshop!



The  Website Workshop for Businesses:

This one day website workshop...


  • Does not require you to have ANY technical skills knowledge or aptitude! You will be trained on the easy to use website builder
  • Gives you access to a marketing expert who works with you to create a unique online marketing strategy for your business
  • Produces a unique strategy for your business to inspire other people to write and talk about your business and your website (through social media, word of mouth & traditional media)
  • Gives you deep insight into the psychology of your specific customers
  • Selects the best template and style to match your customer's needs, is user friendly and encourages sales
  • Creates product descriptions which influence and persuade people to buy
  • Helps you create your unique marketing niche to differentiate from competitors
  • Teaches you how to get your website found by people who are already looking for the products/services which you sell (Search Engine Optimisation-SEO)
  • Assists you in selecting a domain name (website url/name) which attracts the right customers
  • Shows you how to ask for and get testimonials which help sell your products
  • Explains how to create blog posts which attract potential customers to your website (Content Marketing)
  • Provides you the knowledge you need to analyse the ongoing effectiveness of your website
  • Generates a precise and unique To Do list of simple action points for you to continue developing your website


Can you imagine what more would you be able to achieve with your business if you had a fully functioning website?


A website which is easy for you to use, update, includes an online shop, and is easy for your customers to find you and buy from you?




Ticket Type    Price
Standard Ticket    £127
Early Bird Ticket    £67
Success Matters Members    £47

You can build your own website without attending the workshop, just click below...


If you'd prefer working with consultant 121:

You may prefer to learn in a 121 setting, rather than a group.  With our Website Coaching Package you get to work with our Marketing Consultant.  


This gives you 15 hours of consultancy, and brings you through the whole process of defining  objectives for the website, creating powerful marketing copy which sells, and the online marketing strategy which will continue delivering results for your business for many years to come. 

Please do feel free to Contact Success Matters if you'd like to discuss the website workshop, or website coaching package, we're happy to talk you through which would work best for you.