Do you need to delegate Marketing Functions?

You might not have a budget for hiring even part time, or perhaps there are specific short term tasks you need someone to do.

Claire Boyles, experienced marketing specialist for owner managed businesses, marketing strategist, marketing expert, outsourced marketing director

Our founder's expertise lies in using low cost marketing in a strategic way to increase exposure of business brands.   Turning customers into raving fans who do your marketing for you. 


Claire has been teaching businesses online marketing strategies since 2008, the following are some of the ways you can hire Claire (and or her associates) for specific marketing functions. 


You can use Claire's experience on  an ongoing basis as Marketing Director, she will create the marketing strategies that best support your business growth, on budgets you define and have complete control of. 


Claire saves businesses on average £20-£60k by simply focusing on strategies which are cost effective.  They are not "instant results" but instant results happen frequently once effective strategies are in place.   These marketing strategies create qualified leads that are easy to convert to sales, reducing cost per lead over medium to long term. 


Event Marketing

Do you want to make sure you have sold as many tickets as possible for your upcoming event? 


We can provide pre event marketing and at the event Amplification Marketing - getting your event hashtag to trend so that as many people as possible discover exactly what they're missing out on, and why they should book now for your next event! 



Using your business online accounts - Twitter, Facebook, instagram, Snapchat, Google Business Page, LinkedIn pages we will amplify what's going on in your event to those who have missed out!  We won't give away any exclusive content, but we'll describe exactly what they're missing so they know exactly why they should book your future events. 


This podcast interviews Claire Boyles who has worked with the Professional Speaking Association social media at their annual conference to maximise the marketing impact of their flagship event. 


Establishing and Running a Tweet Chat

A brilliant way to set your company ahead and a leader in your industry is to create and run a tweet chat. 


Run at a regular time slot, weekly or monthly, inviting guest experts and setting topics which are of interest and value within your industry is a great way to get your business known by more people within your industry. 


We've been involved in many business tweet chats, and run our our #SuccessHour (Tues 9pm). 


We can set up your tweet chat, help you choose the right #Hashtag, time, and make sure it works by inviting the right people to take part. 


Tweet chats amplify the number of people who see your tweets, improving brand awareness, and bringing more people to visit your twitter profile, and more people clicking through to your website.