Professional Speaking Workshops

The key to speaking professionally and delivering satisfaction to the audience lies in understanding how to deliver information in a way that is easily digestible, engaging, and relevant to the audience.  Learning how to translate what we have to say, to what our audience wants to hear, without losing our own integrity and authenticity is a powerful way to connect with the audience. 
Having this ability gives speakers the confidence and authority to speak clearly in a natural way, which becomes an enjoyable experience for speaker and the audience.

Claire has been speaking professionally since 2004, having developed induction and training courses for employees while working in Human Resources Management in large businesses. 

She has a solid background of knowledge in how to make speaking in front of people an an enjoyable and educational experience for the audience.  

It's estimated that at least 50% of speakers who have the privilege of speaking professionally, do not achieve their goals of conveying the most important information in a way which results in meaningful and lasting change for individual audience members. 


Many speakers fall into the category of achieving the exact opposite, and rather than engaging and educating the audience, often end up boring them, "death by powerpoint" being an all too commonly used phrase.  At best a mediocre speaker provides the audience with time to doodle, day dream, or draw up other plans for more exciting things they're involved in! 

True professional speakers however know how to hold the audiences attention, not out of fear, but because they are delivering the information in an engaging format.  
Professional speakers use a wide range of tools and skills to connect with their audience, understand the audiences needs and can think on their feet, translating the content they planned to deliver into an easy digestible format which leaves the audience hungry for more. 



Claire Boyles, professional speaker, seminar, workshop, speaking, business event,

Claire Delivers 

Social Media Marketing Strategy Seminar in Chartered Institute of I.T.

Claire Boyles, professional speaker, seminar, workshop, speaking, business event,

Claire meets Richard Branson backstage of the business event she created and managed the social media marketing strategy for.

If you'd like to avoid boring your audience, and instead delight them the whole time you are in front of them, by engaging and informing them of powerful information which adds value to their lives, then going on a professional speaking workshop is essential. 


On the "Finding Your Professional Speaking Voice Workshop" you will learn: 


How to find the tone of your own natural voice and style, giving you the poise and confidence to be able to deliver to any audience.  


How best for you to connect with the audience, giving them exactly what you have promised, in a way that they can easily access and implement long after the training is over. 


Engage and entertain throughout, keeping their minds and emotions on the "hook", wanting more from you. 


How to turn your audience into your biggest fans, and become your "best audience ever". 


How to structure your talk, so it has a clear start, middle and end, and how to bring your audience on the journey with you. 


How to ask for feedback in a way that minimises disruption and helps facilitate the deeper learning of each member of the audience. 




Claire Boyles, professional speaker, seminar, workshop, speaking, business event,

Finding Your Professional Speaking Voice Workshops can also be run as "Bite-Sized" taster sessions to help those embarking on speaking publicly to have fun and build the right foundations for a confident and engaging professional speaking delivery.  



These sessions are perfect for team building exercises, facilitating the participants in expressing themselves and getting to know each other better as they build more positive working relationships. 



Having fun on stage during Speaking Skills Workshop.

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