Resources to help you Start Up Your Business

These are resources that we or our clients have used successfully to develop businesses, some of them are affiliate links which means we earn a small commission should you decide to use them also.  It's a way these businesses have of thanking people who refer and recommend.  Our recommending these resources is not in any way influenced by the small financial reward we may receive. 

If you have other resources you recommend, please let us know, we're adding to this page with our long list, but are keen to hear from you about what resources have helped you grow your own business. 


Online Marketing Resources:

Build Your Own Website with coding or technical skills

resources entrepreneurs website builder jimdo website build your own website, business website

Build your own website, a brilliant easy to use content management system that allows you to design and create your own website without needing any technical knowledge of anything! 


Jimdo provide free website building services (which host their advertising on) or 

for £60 per year (£5 per month) you get their services, advert free, and it includes hosting, domain registration and email addresses. 



Jimdo website building system is very versatile, everything you need to have on a business website you can have; embedded blog into your website (excellent for SEO), 


Jimdo website builder does everything you need, don't need any coding knowledge, if you know html it gives you the flexibility to adapt the templates (but there are 100s of those to choose from anyway)  I've used it to build all my websites, and use it to build websites for clients too.


I have never had ANY problems with it, ever!  With WordPress I'm constantly hearing about problems with plug ins not working, security issues, having to re-install etc etc.. Jimdo has the flexibility to give you anything you need on a website, with simple to use elements- text boxes, image boxes, you tube, html widgets, slide shows.

It has password protected areas, easy to use SEO elements (add meta tags, page titles etc) integrated blog within the website (better for SEO), it's just easy to use, I love it! 


oh, and did I mention it has newsletter and shop functions too?


Protect your online brand, register domains:

register domains protect your business brand online 123 reg domain registrar reliable

Once you have a business name, you need to make sure that no one else can benefit from your brand.  To make sure no one else can piggy back buy have "look alike" sites, you can register domains so that other people can't use them. 


Example- if you're a UK business, it's best to have your website on a domain, because it will give you a slight edge when people in the UK are searching for your business.  However, you should also register the .com domain (redirecting it to your domain), depending on your budget, you can register other variations of your business name on and .com too. 


 123-Reg are a UK domain registration company who have an easy to use control panel to manage your domains, at good prices.  I recommend 123 because I've never had any problems with them, they do have a heavy "upsell" once you buy a domain they'd REALLY like you to purchase other services they provide, but you don't need to purchase anything other than domains with them. 

It's a good idea to have your domains registered in one place because it's easier to manage, even if you have different hosting providers for websites. 




Social Media Marketing Tools & Resources


Do you need a better handle on managing more than one social media account on different social media platforms?


Hootsuite, the best social media tool on the market for managing multiple social media accounts, across multiple platforms, and then as you grow, it also has the ability to manage team members on each account too. 

And once you've gathered great content to share from your social media brand accounts, Hootsuite handles bulk uploading, including images too! 


I use & recommend Hootsuite for social media management and have done since around 2009. It works well and is constantly evolving, even including the Hootsuite Academy with free online learning courses and optional certification programmes. 



Graphic Design Tools

Put back in what the camera took out with PicMonkey's intuitive touch up tools


Canva is another design tool, lots of templates and easy to set different sizes of the images/designs to various marketing materials.  There is a free version, and a paid version.  The paid version allows you to save your brand colours & fonts and has some additional functions (such as save as a transparent png file). 
To start you off the free version is great. 



Design Tools:


PicMonkey is a design app that non graphic designers can use to create really professional images. 


It has a free version and a paid and you can use it in your browser (pc or mac), or as an app on your smart phone. 





Converting Brand Colours

If you're doing your own designing, you'll need to know what your brand colours are across different platforms and design tools.  
Hex, Pantone, RBG and CMYK are all different types of colour codes, if you know your colours in one of these, you can use this resource to convert the colour to whichever other types you need. 

Psychology of Business & Teams

Wealth Dynamics profile, know your entrepreneurial strengths:  

wealth dynamics entpreneurial entrepreneur profile psychological team wealth business strategy identify

The Wealth Dynamics personality profiling tool helps you understand your personal strengths.  

This helps you understand the wealth strategies that are more likely to work for your personality and aptitudes. 


Going through the Wealth Dynamics profile will give you a deeper personal insight into your own strengths, and others.  It will help you identify the types of people you should attract into your business (with the skills and aptitudes you might not have). 




Business Events:


 If you work from home, check out the Jelly network of coworking events, anyone can set up and host a Jelly, and it is open to anyone who works from home.  

The concept is to provide a support place where people can meet with each other in real life, share ideas and have real life conversations with people who have similar experiences.  It can be lonely building a business on your own, with Jelly coworking events you can work at a venue with others. 



Business Success Matters Event

This monthly evening business event is run by business owners, for business owners, with a blend of informal friendly networking over nibbles, and learning from expert speakers and local business owners. 

It's free to attend for the first time, then £18 or only £8 when you join the free online Business Success Matters community

Find out what our next business topics and speakers are on our events page




Business Buzz Networking

business buzz networking events hertfordshire buckinghamshire oxfordshire bedfordshire essex drop in networking no membership no booking just £5

Business Buzz Networking started in Hertfordshire 6 years ago created by Simon George and Katrina Sargent, it's now in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Essex!

And it's growing all the time, Business Buzz networking events are monthly drop in business events which don't require booking, and are held in town/city centre locations.

It's only £5 to attend, and is a great way to meet your local business community, after all they are often the most connected locally.  It's usually good for business when the connected people know about you and spread the word about your business!



Books You Should Read

Youtube Channels for Business Owners:

Patrick Allmond: Stop doing nothing!

This video is Patrick Allmond, marketing expert sharing who he follows for marketing advice!

Claire Boyles- Success Matters Founder & Start Up Marketing Expert

Claire's YouTube channel has videos of events and workshops she speaks at, and also great "how to" guides and tips to help business owners get things done in their business themselves wherever possible. 

Do you know other resources which should be on this page?

So do we, and we have lots more that we'll be adding that either we've used, or clients have.  We've had this page in draft format for ages, but done is better than perfect so we've decided to publish this now and as we get time to add the other on our list, it will build. 


Please let us know what resources you found helpful to you in developing your business, and we'll add them.