Health and Safety within your business

Obviously you would not want the health or safety of anyone involved in your business to be compromised, we can help you develop policies and processes which support the health, well being, and safety of anyone who works within your business, your suppliers, and your customers. 


Phase 1 Health & Safety Consultancy


We provide Health & Safety consultancy to assess the safety of your business, this produces a report with clear action items needed to comply with the latest Health & Safety Legislation. 



Phase 2 Health & Safety Consultancy

We coordinate with your management team and contractors to implement the action items agreed upon. 
We use our trusted contractors, ensuring price competitive quotes for work necessary for your business to be compliant with Health & Safety legislation, and fulfill Public Liability Insurance requirements. 

Phase 3 Health & Safety Training

We design and deliver Health & Safety training for your staff, training which is relevant and applicable for each role.  Manager's need to understand their own personal responsibility for their own safety, as well as their team and your customers. 

Our methodology of training ensures higher compliance from staff.