Start Up Success, in 12 "simple" steps! 

The essential steps to help you transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Start Up Success in 12 simple steps employee to entrepreneur


If you’re ready to, or are thinking about taking the plunge and becoming a full time Entrepreneur, this is the one training you simply must attend.



Each step covers a specific essential elements of business, in the precise order that you need so that you can build firm foundations for a solid enterprise that will generate profits for years, and even generations to come. 


This seminar will support you on your journey before you plunge into the deep end, and will be useful for those already on their journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs!


It guides you through the important things to consider personally before you develop your business model. 

Gives you the foundations of what are the most important things to consider when developing a business from start up, and how to do it with little or no cash investment. 


This seminar makes sure that you can avoid the major problems that cause 90% of businesses to fail, gives you a success strategy, that when implemented will result in you being able to do what you love and earn a comfortable income doing it!


Expert Speaker- Claire Boyles


Claire Boyles of Success Matters, an experienced start up business coach outlines the 12 key steps in being able to create a successful, profitable business from scratch, with zero, or extremely limited cash investment.   


Claire hasn't been an employee since 2007, (when she worked as a Human Resource Manager) and despite facing the Start Up challenges that she now helps others avoid, has survived (even during recession) and is continuing to thrive. 


She loves sharing her knowledge and expertise with budding entrepreneurs, knowing that by doing so it saves many others painful “growing” experiences in developing their businesses! 


A naturally engaging speaker who tailors every seminar, delivering the maximum value for the audience. 

The Steps for Start Up Success seminar can be delivered to audiences in large numbers, or small groups. 

It is particularly of value to those who are thinking about starting up their own business for the first time, and who wish to transition from employee to entrepreneur. 

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