marketing · 24 February 2020
Claire Boyles shows you how to change that annoying thing when Facebook doesn't show your post content to others! "This content is unavailable", quick under 3 minute video tutorial
marketing · 21 January 2020
If you're running your own business, learning how to do everything you need is a challenge, this 20 minute video tutorial by Marketing Specialist Claire Boyles, shows you how to use Canva (free) to create powerful marketing images, even if you know nothing about design or marketing!
marketing · 14 October 2019
What's the purpose of your business? What do you want it to achieve? This is the purpose for a business founded in the 1940's, can you recognise this global household brand from its original purpose?
marketing · 03 September 2019
Mini tutorial showing you exactly how to invite one of your Facebook friends to like a business page on Facebook. (On a desktop/laptop browser).
15 April 2019
a simple trick to keep professional colleagues and family separate on Facebook. Stop working when you should be socialising! Keep personal statuses to your close friends, not broadcasting to your whole professional network.
15 April 2019
A 3 minute tutorial on how to share posts from Facebook Business Pages into closed Facebook Groups.
09 October 2018
Did you get a notification from Facebook that it would change your page if you didn't respond? Here's how to find the price range settings on your Fb business page and set it to the right price range for your business.
21 August 2018
Don't want any random stranger following your posts on Facebook? You can stop them being able to follow your account, so only your Facebook friends see your posts, here's how...
30 May 2018
Creating a twitter header the correct size and resolution, without chopping off bits of your images or making them all fuzzy!
21 August 2017
Experienced Project Manager & Accountant, Sue Cohen shares the essential elements of a good Purchase Order process to improve profitability of your growing business.

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