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03 November 2014
Claire Boyles "How to be happy"
How To Be Happy: 1) Find out what makes you happy*. 2) Minimise doing things that make those around you unhappy. 3) Find a way to earn a living doing what you love. 4) Encourage and support others to explore what makes them happy. *Finding out what makes you happy is a lifelong project, what makes you happy will change and grow as you change and grow as a human being. This is probably the shortest blog post I've ever written, because I want to keep things simple. Simple does not necessarily...
02 May 2014
Eliminate Your Fears, Success Matters
There's an ever growing popularity in the personal development/coaching/ motivational sectors with inspirational content to help "overcoming your fears", "getting rid of your fears & doubts" or sometimes "Filling your mind with dreams, so there's no room for fears". Here's the thing, while giving yourself permission to #dream is really important, dreaming is only the first small step of many before you're likely to achieve that dream. Fears & doubts are brilliant, and an integral part...
29 January 2014
Michelle Pritchard Youth Coach
The last few years I have been on an upward spiral having personally transformed myself. I have gone from someone with no true confidence, self-worth or direction, and a full-time employed person who enjoyed partying, to the owner of my own youth coaching business: Find Your Spark! And I'm also en route to becoming Masters qualified in Coaching Psychology. I am no longer a wild, ‘crazy’ party girl (unless it’s my birthday!) and am now much more sensible and driven to empower others in my...
07 January 2012
Guest Blogger No. 5 in our Successes & Failures series is Robert Dempsey of
03 January 2012
Guest blogger No. 4 in our Successes and Failures series is Clare Rayner, aka The Retail Champion! Clare shares a big success, and how it almost never happened-due to a failure!
02 January 2012
Natalie Smith shares her Successes and Failures of 2011, and hints at her aspirations.
01 January 2012
Guest Blogger number two in this series is Jane Malyon from The English Cream Tea Company!
31 December 2011
Welcome to the first of our guest bloggers, Hilda Carroll from The Happines Business shares her Successes and Failures for 2011, she's changed the theme slightly, to suit herself, which I love! This is a blog response to Successes and Failures in 2011- What Are Yours?
28 December 2011
Did you achieve things this year? Did you fail at anything this year? Have you learned anything from your failures? What was it that you learn from your failures? Have you learned from your successes? Have you celebrated them? Really celebrated them? Have you listed all of your successes for 2011? Are you going to?
14 November 2011
As my regular readers will know, I use the internet "quite a lot", in fact I'm usually on line 70% of my waking life. I tweet a fair bit (a modest assessement of my volume of tweeting), I email, I use facebook, I Skype, I blog, I don't own a Tv, instead when I do watch programmes, I do so on line. So having a good internet connection is rather important to me, which is why I chose to pay Virgin Media for a service which provides 50mb download speeds. You'd think that would ensure that I...