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30 May 2018
Creating a twitter header the correct size and resolution, without chopping off bits of your images or making them all fuzzy!
05 June 2016
Business Headshot, the business owner is the face of the business, personal image and brand
Our previous blog post discussed the importance of Corporate Brand Personality, and how it is created by every single person within the business. This blog post, co-written by Mark Grey (Professional headshot Photographer) and Claire Boyles (Founder of Success Matters), explores how important it is for your business brand to have a professional headshot of the business owner.
04 May 2016
A new book on branding has just been released, and it's not about graphic design and image!! It's about how businesses need to understand that the personality of the individuals who work within and for the business... It is the behaviour of those individuals which have the biggest impact on the brand, or personality of the business. I often describe a "Brand" as the emotional connection, or relationship between the customer and the business. The behaviour of the individuals, how they relate to,...
20 July 2012
I just set the username of one of our facebook pages, for use on printed marketing material, email signatures etc, to make it easy for customers to find the business Facebook Page- as you may have noticed, Facebook search is not exactly Google! (Often pages won't even show in search results if none of your friends "like" it, or if it doesn't have a high enough "Edge Rank")