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12 May 2016
Facebook page posts see more posts which interest me
You probably have a list of Facebook pages who's updates are important to you - whether it be local businesses who you regularly purchase from, industry pages of interest to you, or organisations which your family interact with frequently, businesses which you're a customer of that you like! Facebook has changed their algorithm, meaning fans see less of the posts published by business pages.
31 March 2016
Facebook isn't your friend! They'll only show your posts from your Business Page if you pay for Facebook adverts. This is a cool way to increase engagement & get your page seen by more people, organically!
08 April 2013
I'm gobsmacked by what greeted me this morning on Facebook when I tried to send a message to a new "Facebook Friend"... I'd connected with someone on Twitter yesterday who is doing similar things, and runs similar Facebook page to one of mine, so I sent a friend request this morning. I always send a quick "Hello" message with it, so that people know why I want to connect with them, so they know I'm not just randomly adding people (which I don't do). Facebook then kindly gave me two options;...
11 March 2013
Firstly you set up a Facebook page and name it after a major brand, let's say Apple for example. Then you post a picture saying you've got some opened product (which of course no one would buy) and so you're going to give it away to someone who likes your page and shares it (notably breaking Facebook's competition rules).
20 July 2012
I just set the username of one of our facebook pages, for use on printed marketing material, email signatures etc, to make it easy for customers to find the business Facebook Page- as you may have noticed, Facebook search is not exactly Google! (Often pages won't even show in search results if none of your friends "like" it, or if it doesn't have a high enough "Edge Rank")