Do you want your own business website?

Are you on a tight budget?

Do you have no idea where to start?


If you want a website that you're in control of, one that works smoothly, and that you can update when your business grows, without any hidden or additional charges, we can help you. 


Working with our consultant face to face, we'll have your unique live business website up and running in under 4 hours! 

Think that's too good to be true?  It's really not, we don't over promise! 

We use a very simple, easy to use content management system, which allows you to update your own website without requiring you to have any technical knowledge or expertise. 

Our consultant will work with you to find the right template for your business, set up the right pages, with all the widgets and functionality you need to have your on line business fully operational! 

The initial session will train you how to use the system, and right from the start it will be you that will be creating your very own website, with our guidance. 


You won't ever have to rely on a website professional to update your website for you, because you'll be fully trained to do it yourself, which means you won't be charged everytime you change it either! 

We'll give you the on line marketing training that you need to maximise the results your website can bring to your business.  It covers SEO, social media integration, blogging, and copywriting. 

We'll create the copy (writing) with you, set up payment systems, social media widgets, and your very own blog (integrated in your website).  


You'll have everything you need to get your business website off the ground at minimal cost, and we'll guide you through every step of the way. 


The website coaching package...


  • Does not require you to have ANY technical skills knowledge or aptitude! You will be trained on the easy to use website builder
  • Gives you access to a marketing expert who works with you to create a unique online marketing strategy for your business
  • Produces a unique online marketing strategy for your business which gets business results.
  • Gives you deep insight into the psychology of your specific customers
  • Selects the best template and style to match your customer's needs, is user friendly and encourages sales
  • Creates product descriptions which influence and persuade people to buy
  • Helps you create your unique marketing niche to differentiate from competitors
  • Teaches you how to get your website found by people who are already looking for the products/services which you sell (Search Engine Optimisation-SEO)
  • Assists you in selecting a domain name (website url/name) which attracts the right customers
  • Shows you how to ask for and get testimonials which help sell your products
  • Explains how to create blog posts which attract potential customers to your website (Content Marketing)
  • Provides you the knowledge you need to analyse the ongoing effectiveness of your website
  • Generates a precise and unique To Do list of simple action points for you to continue developing your website


Can you imagine what more would you be able to achieve with your business if you had a fully functioning website?


A website which is easy for you to use, update, includes an online shop, and is easy for your customers to find you and buy from you?



A few examples of websites we've helped our clients create: 


Gotrovo Treasure Hunt games for children and parents


Sophie Ashton Adoption Expert


Mobile Beauty by Lidiya



Website Coaching Package

Everything you need to create a website which works for your business. 

Working one 2 one with a marketing expert who is experienced in working with start up businesses, helping you minimise costs, and create marketing which actually produces business results. 

Sessions are arranged at times convenient to you- mornings, afternoons, evenings or even weekends if those are more convenient. 

£895.00 2


  • Limited Availability

To Discuss Full details of the website Package please feel free to contact us  


Don't have a budget to work 121 with an expert?

We run website building workshops for business owners periodically.  In a small group you'll learn how to create your own website and what content you need to have a website which increases your sales. 


Contact us to find out dates of the next websites


DIY! Build Your Own Website with Jimdo (click below)




If you have the online marketing knowledge & expertise to design your own website (which people can find, and actually sells), you can create your own website using this simple, easy to use system for free!!


If you like the simple to use system, then you can upgrade to the Pro version to have it hosted on your own domain, the Pro version also includes everything a small or start up business needs (email, templates, hosting, shop function, blog, video embedding, social media buttons etc etc) for just £5 per month (£60 per year) including VAT. 


No hidden costs for "extra plugins" when your business grows, the only time you'll need to upgrade is if your team and business grows a lot, which the Business version caters for at only £16.60 per month (£160 per year) including VAT.  The business version includes unlimited items in the shop, 10 email addresses for your team, wider selection of templates, and more SEO functionality. 

Click on the image below and you can have your very own website in minutes!

Create your own free website:


Jimdo is the easiest way to create a website on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet, with no coding required. Founders Matthias Henze, Fridtjof Detzner and Christian Springub started Jimdo in 2007 in an old farmhouse in Northern Germany. They had no budget, but shared a vision: build a tool that makes it fun for anyone to create their own website. Today, people from all over the world have built over 20 million Jimdo websites—online stores, blogs, portfolios, business websites, and more. Jimdo has over 200 employees working from offices in Hamburg and Tokyo, all of whom share the same goal: help users share their passions and build something truly great.

A few examples of websites we've helped our clients create: 


Gotrovo Treasure Hunt games for children and parents


Sophie Ashton Adoption Expert


Mobile Beauty by Lidiya



Examples of websites we've created:

mobile beauty therapist St Albans qualified & insured

Lidiya attended the website workshop in June 2016, she now enjoys a fully booked mobile therapy business.  She gets new clients through her website regularly, because her website is ranked highly by Google as a reputable quality website.   
When potential customers arrive at Lidiya's website the content, design and images used shows that Lidiya's mobile beauty service can be trusted.  

"So busy with clients... Which is a good thing, I haven't got any free days people just found me from google and the website!  All your help and little useful tips Claire can't believe how much I need to thank you"



adoption strategies and tips for parents, successful adoptive parenting

Sophie is a mother of two wonderful children, one of whom is adopted from a difficult, traumatic family of birth.  This website was built by Sophie with our support & guidance, and helps potential and existing adoptive parents find helpful resources and Sophie's book, the secrets of successful adoptive parenting. 


"To say I'm delighted is an understatement, they have been completely blown away by Claire's knowledge, recommendations, support, on-going guidance and personal attention.

Claire demystified the online world, mapped out an online strategy and then helped me achieve my goals. Claire continues to act as stabilisers when wobbles occur and gives nudges of advice and guidance to help keep me on track. 

Navigating the world of social media is complex and Claire has mastered it and makes it accessible to people who are less technologically savvy than her.

If you are looking for a social media guru, who lives and breathes the online world and speaks its language fluently - then Claire is the person for you. She is attentive, insightful and delightful to work with.  I will certainly be recommending Claire.  I know that Claire will deliver exceptional service and that reflects well on me too!  Thank you Claire."



Testimonials from Website Coaching Clients

Gordon Tredgold, leadership expert, keynote speaker, consultant, business coach, strategist, world class

"Claire I wanted to say thank for for all the great ideas you have given me regarding my website design. The suggestions you made on how to make it more attractive to my niche, how to put my products forward in the best light, were Amazing. You have an innate sense of what works commercially, which when translated into a website design, changes a hobby/infosite into a business. Thanks you receive my highest recommendation"  

Gordon Tredgold, World Renowned Leadership Expert, Inc & Entrepreneur columnist.