Successes And Failures 2011- Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith shares her Successes and Failures of 2011, and hints at her aspirations. 

Studying hard at Uni
Studying hard at Uni

When the opportunity arose for me to sit and think about the “successes” and “failures” I had throughout 2011, the first things that came to mind were two quotes by Winston Churchill. The first of which reads: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” which is so true, failures are both inevitable and important in life and the real success is how they are overcome.


The second quote has kept me going some days. It reads: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. How true that is! Some people get into the mindset that they have achieved their goal (whatever that may be) and so can sit back and let the success take over. That’s all well and good in the beginning so there’s room to celebrate, but, success is not final. We have to keep working at it to keep it a success.


My 2011 was mostly a year of turbulence and unease. It was definitely not the best year I’ve had and I’m glad to see it gone.


The first 5 months or so were quite tough and, at the time, was probably my biggest “failure” to date. I had a few health issues at the time which forced me into deferring my final semester of uni. I was devastated. At the time, I thought I had failed at achieving what I wanted for my life. It was a massive blow to my confidence and forced me to rethink my goals for the year. So here I was, 12 weeks from graduating and having to defer. I had failed. Many before me, in other (and, I considered worse off) situations had graduated with little issue – why couldn’t I?? At this point, I was also failing at finding the appropriate health professional to get my health back on track.



Natalie's Successfully Completed Reports for her Marketing Degree
Natalie's Successfully Completed Reports for her Marketing Degree

Fast forward to July and, I’m pleased to say the successes started to roll in. I found a lovely doctor who got me back on my feet. Success number one!! Things were looking up.  This doctor managed to get me to a point in only a couple of weeks where I could return to uni. Success I thought!! I’m back!!


Rounding off the university story – I finished last October and am now working in a Digital Marketing role that I absolutely love!!


That was the major point in 2011, but, of course, with anyone’s life there has been unexpected turning points which have (and will continue to) assist me in moving forward.  I met so many lovely people who are always full of support and advice. Without them, my successes wouldn’t have happened the way they did. My friends (new and old) played a pivotal role in getting me to where I am now. It was through a friend and her network of business contacts I had the chance to apply for the job I am so happily working in now. Also, my friends were so important in getting me through the first 5 months of the year. Without them I probably would have caved to the “failure” of the time and wouldn’t be where I am now. Success isn’t individual!!


Referring back to my Winston Churchill quote in the second paragraph, failure is not fatal – after many failures, I’m still here!! And more importantly, Success is not final – I know in 2012 I have to keep focused and working hard to keep my success alive.


The one failure that immediately comes to mind as an example of one that didn’t eventuate in 2011 – my original goal to start writing ideas on how to achieve my ultimate goal…my own business. I still have nothing but a vague idea in my mind. Ask me again in 12 months. I will have more!!


Failures can be positive too. Throughout the September/October period I went for a few job interviews – none of which I was successful with (this was before I landed the job I love). I failed time after time. Interview after interview ended with “We think you’re full of potential but not this time. Sorry”. All those failed interviews were so important for me to learn various techniques for approaching job interviews, but also, learning about myself. What I want to do and how I want to get there. Without those failed interviews would have I been as prepared for the interview for the dream job?? Who knows!! Would have I got the job I love if I hadn’t had those failed interviews?? Who knows!!


Even though it was incredibly difficult at times, I’m happy with the year I’ve had. I’ve learned so much about myself. Through my hard work, my failures have turned into some of my biggest successes to date. I’m now better equipped to face 2012 with the same passion, drive and determination to succeed that I always show…however this year, I’m a very different person than I was 12 months ago.


May 2012 bring the successes that didn’t eventuate in 2011!! 


Natalie Smith Marketing Graduate
Natalie Smith Marketing Graduate

Natalie is one of the many lovely people I've had the pleasure of getting to know through twitter.  She tweeted about a performance she'd done that evening, and being the curious creature I am, I asked her about it.  Since then Natalie is a regular in my Twitter stream, greeting me good morning when it's her evening (She's down under you know). 

Natalie is at the very beginning of her professional career in marketing having successfully completed her degree 3 months ago.  She has aspirations to run her own business, combining business and music interests she intends to make a positive impact on the music industry.  I'm sure she'll get lots of value from the resources and articles that Success Matters tweets and ReTweets regularly.  Aside from her professional aspirations, she often spend weekends either listening to, or playing music, discussions on her performance was how we intially became connected.   So Natalie, when are you going to post a video of you performing so we can all enjoy your flute & Saxophone? 


We know mindset is a powerful ingredient in the recipe of success, and having come through the other side of a difficult situation, Natalie has really developed those skills that are able to bring her far! 

You can tweet, or follow Natalie, or you could always have a read of her blog: Natalie's Highlights of me blog 

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