Google+ why oh why?

I really don't understand how Google manages to fail to make a simple INFORMATIVE video about its own updates on G+  


I watched this video and felt it was an utter waste of my time. Nice music, sure, but seriously, a video being billed as "see what's new on G+" I did expect it to explain the new things on G+, their benefits etc... This is merely a music video which has G+ in the background.  


If you read the comments on YouTube it reflects that; many of them simply complimenting the music..  As a marketing tool to encourage new people in to G+ it will certainly be of some value (Some of the commenter’s got there because they were drawn by the music), but for people that are already using G+ (me) this video adds little value.  

What was particularly frustrating about this was that when I went to G+ to check out the new updates I was brought to a page highlighting this video before I could actually SEE the new layout.


Suggesting this video is a way to "Take a tour of our latest improvements" is at its best inaccurate, and as a user experience is a complete fail.Why? Because I expected it to actually have some substance to it, some explanation, the way you used to do x is now y, and the benefits of that is z... 

Are my expectations of Google delivering useful information about their own product just too high? 






Business Success Lesson:


This is a lesson that is pertinent for all businesses, it's a common conundrum.  


As a customer who has numerous positive experiences of Google providing useful information, when they failed to do that with this video I was disappointed.  


It's a tricky thing in business to gauge correctly; marketing brings the customers in, but one needs to deliver on the expectations that the marketing creates, or else it creates disappointment.

Disappointment is not going to make a customer feel happy about staying a customer.  And the way to create a successful and profitable business is not just gaining new customers; it's retaining the old ones.  The old customers are the ones that are loyal, the old customers are the ones that do your marketing for you, by being brand advocates, by telling their network how great being a customer of yours is.  


Creating and continuing to create happy customers is a cost effective marketing strategy, they do your marketing for you :)

Are you aware of the expectations the marketing of your business creates?


Do you check regularly how your business meets those expectations so that you can continue to create happy customers?




Are you on Google+ ? please connect with me there :) 

I don't use it as much as I use Facebook or Twitter, but I'm there and I pop in from time to time, and always respond when people connect with me there.  

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