Claim Your Unique Username/ Url for your Facebook Page Now!

Set Your Unique Facebook Username while you still can!

I just set the username of one of our facebook pages, for use on printed marketing material, email signatures etc, to make it easy for customers to find the business Facebook Page- as you may have noticed, Facebook search is not exactly Google! 

(Often pages won't even show in search results if none of your friends "like" it, or if it doesn't have a high enough "Edge Rank")




Facebook does not allow a hyphen in a username, as is in our main domian so I used our secondary domain instead, (It redirects) at least people will find the website. 

The reason I had to do this at all was because SuccessMatters wasn't available!

This is a good example of why claiming your brand name as soon as possible is very important! 

It's also, incidentally the main reason why we've set up Pinterest accounts under our brand names, even though we're not actively using it yet.




Expert Tip:

Viv Craske of Digital Marketing Blueprint
Viv Craske of Digital Marketing Blueprint

Viv Craske of Digital Marketing Blueprint also recommends thinking about whether it may be of more use to use keywords in your unique facebook name. 

This is because Google values Facebook usernames highly, and will help with an overall Search Enginge Optimisation strategy. 

For example, a client of his- Topher Morrison delivers professional speaker training- so Viv set his unique Facebook name as:



This is a very clever little tip, and especially useful for small businesses- where customers are likely to be searching for what they need, rather than your business name.  





How to Set the Unique Name for Your Facebook Page

Unique Name for Your Facebook Page
Unique Name for Your Facebook Page

If you want to set your username for your page-

Using Facebook as your page, click on Edit Page (top right), a drop down menu will appear.

Select "Update Information" when you get to that page, check on the left content menu make sure it's on "Basic Information" then the 4th item down has a link to "change username".

You have to be using Facebook as your original (main) account, just click on the notification to switch if you're not already. 

Warning!! You can only change this ONCE after you've set it!

This is not a joke!  

Facebook aren't exactly pro-active when it comes to customer service for businesses who are not paying them, so don't be lulled into thinking, "oh they're only saying that, I'm sure if I contacted them and explained the situation I could get it changed..."  It's very unlikely to happen!  

Think seriously about what the best username is for your Facebook page, make sure it is consistent with your brand name, or the key words that your customers are actively searching for.

Use your domain suffix if you need to think of creative ways to keep your own brand name when yours isn't available (Like I did), but better still claim your unique name now- while you can!

A great use of unique URLs for Facebook Pages is on the bottom of till receipts, or even invoices, but definitely it should be on your business card, and most printed marketing material.

It should most definitely be on any display advertisements, although those should ideally be accompanied by a QR Code so that smart phone users can go directly to your website. 



Make sure you protect your brand name across all/the main social media platforms, even if you're not using them yet, don't let others dilute or block your brand!


Recommended Resources:

Share Your Facebook Username with us here!

Do you have experience of setting a username for your business, or for a client? 

Have you had any difficulties, and if so, how have you overcome them?  

Please share below with others- together we can empower each other to thrive and continue to grow our businesses from strength to strength!  

Why not share your facebook username with us here?  It'll give you more exposure, at the same time as helping other business owners see how others have done it too! 



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