Two Simple Questions to Change Your Life

What are you investing time into?
What are you investing time into?

This is my old battered watch that I love and I wear every day.  


As we count down the hours and minutes to the end of one year and the start of a new one, we don't have to get rid of things that work, just because they're old.


But creating something new that benefits us, gets us closer to achieving our goals (of which happiness ought to be one) is certainly a worthy investment of time. 


Have you thought about marking the New Year? 

It's not a magical time that is automatically special, it's another day passing just like yesterday and the day before, but if you use it to reflect, pause, learn from your experiences of the year just gone, and what you'd like more of or less of in the next year, then it can be truly powerful... 

Rather than making a new year's resolution, how about just asking yourself 2 simple questions:



What have you invested your time into in 2012? 


What are you going to invest your time into in 2013? 



Feel free to share your answers below, or write them into a journal, or keep them in your head, but please do ask yourself the questions, you might be surprised what the answers are :) 



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