How To Tell if it's a Facebook Scam Page?

Here's a good scam...


Firstly you set up a Facebook page and name it after a major brand, let's say Apple for example. 



Then you post a picture saying you've got some opened product (which of course no one would buy) and so you're going to give it away to someone who likes your page and shares it (notably breaking Facebook's competition rules).



"To win a brand new ipad, like and share!  Winners will be informed by PM" you could say.  

(That will allay any suspicions of why there aren't any previous winners being announced on the page). 



Or how about 
"Which colour do you want?  White or Black?  Comment below" 


That'll really boost the number of interactions on a page, and give it a rocket boost on its way to going viral! 

Once lots of 'sheep' have done your marketing for you, then you can rename the page and remove the posts. What do you have then?


A saleable marketing tool, followed by lots of gullible people.


But why would you want to do something like this?


Less scrupulous marketing companies are doing this as routine, and selling ready-made Facebook pages to their customers... And less reputable businesses are buying them, not caring who the likes are from, they want "instant" success, and aren't prepared to invest time, effort and energy into creating an effective social media strategy from scratch.  

They want to show people coming to their page that they're already popular, this is known as "social proof", and helps people trust the page.  The problem is that they're trusting the page based on false likes. 


With a little extra investment in Facebook marketing the scam page will then show up on newsfeeds as 'so and so likes <renamed page> - sponsored' with 100000+ likes, thus giving it instant credibility.

So who knows what these pages you've liked will end up as...?

For all you know it could end up as a page for kinky underwear, a shop full of copied brand merchandise, or worse... !  (We'll leave the "worse" to your imagination!) 

So please don't be a sheep!

Top Success Tip:


    Periodically check the pages that you "like" from your Facebook profile, are there any pages on there that you don't remember "liking"?  

Remove any you don't know.  

    And remember that the pages you like are a reflection of who you are, when someone comes to your Facebook profile for the first time, they're likely to see those pages, and will use that information to create an impression of who you are.

    Control the information people have about you by being very selective about the pages that you "like". 

    Other types of this Facebook scam pages can include the "fun" images and problems that encourage you to comment with your answers etc.


    It's a shame that this sort of practice is happening, because it is diluting the trust that people have placed in social media, and trust is the reason why social media is/was such a powerful marketing tool. 



How can you tell if it's a Facebook page scam?

"If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is"

P.S-  in case you were wondering, Apple don't give away free ipads on Facebook, why would they?  

Do you know how many people who are perfectly happy to pay Apple full price, every single day? ?  



It's important to note that there are genuine companies that do have ipads/iphones etc in their promotions, this is not what we're discussing here.  


This is about pages that have been set up to look like Apple, or Apple Fan pages, saying that they're giving away free ipads etc. 


If you think it might be a legitimate page, but aren't sure then search for the genuine company page and/or check the date that the page was created, and see if there is any other activity on the page (posts, photos etc on the page).


If you really want to be sure you can email a representative of the company to validate the offer.


If you're in any doubt about the legitimacy of a Facebook page, please don't "like" or "share" it, doing so only encourages them to do it more! 



An extract from Apple's website:

Promotions or giveaways specifically for iPhone or iPad will not be approved. Apple will not sell iPhone or iPad for promotional use nor provide written permission for any company to give it away.


You can use ipads/iphones in promotions, but only if you include the following statement:


"Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion."



What should you do next time you see one of these Facebook scam pages?

1) Please warn and inform others by sharing this blog post with your friends

2) Please report the page to Facebook as Scam or Spam! The more people report them, the less likely they are to get away with it!

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