Corporate Brand Personality

A new book on branding has just been released, and it's not about graphic design and image!!

It's about how businesses need to understand that the personality of the individuals who work within and for the business...


It is the behaviour of those individuals which have the biggest impact on the brand, or personality of the business. 


I often describe a "Brand" as the emotional connection, or relationship between the customer and the business.  The behaviour of the individuals, how they relate to, communicate with, and treat customers is critical in determining what kind of emotional connection the customers have with the business.   Whether consciously aware of the emotional reaction (or not) to the staff's behaviour and attitude, it shapes the way a customer views the business, which determine what decisions they make to become a returning customer, or not. 

Whether you're building a business from scratch, or you're the CEO of a global organisation, understanding the personality and behaviour of the people who are the cogs of your business, is so important.  Understanding how the behaviour of every person within the business impacts your customers emotional experience of your business is THE number one priority to focus on. That is, if you want lasting, sustainable results which turn customers into raving fans who do your marketing for you. 


If you want to invest money in marketing, and you understand the values and foundations of your business brand, but don't know exactly how to implement those values into the every day business of providing a service or products to your customers, Corporate Brand Personality by Lesley Everett is the book you need to read. 



I recently enjoyed listening to Lesley being interviewed by Alan Stevens, I recommend you listen to Lesley discuss corporate brand personality and the value you can expect from her book, a great interview I really enjoyed listening. 


Lesley has been working with corporates over many years (1.5 decades apparently!), helping them refine and develop effective brands which result in business success.  She's certainly someone I would pay attention to when discussing this topic, and in this book she provides case studies which make sense of the theory.  It makes it easy to understand how to apply the principles in your own business. 


You can of course order your own copy of Corporate Brand Personality on Amazon, I am recommending to all my clients to get their own copy.   Reading it will give insight into the value of brand and how to create it at a practical level, through the people working in your business. 

Once you have this understanding, it is so much easier to build a powerful brand, because you'll be able to identify the opportunities to improve and reward the behaviours which creates a positive impact on your customers. 


 Get your copy of Corporate Brand Personality now!



Claire Boyles
Claire Boyles

This blog post was written by Claire Boyles, Start Up Marketing/Business Consultant, and Social Media Strategist with Success Matters.  

You can work with Claire on how to improve your marketing (even on a shoe string budget).  Claire specialises as a business coach working with employees who want to transition from employee to entrepreneur, helping them creating business & marketing strategies so that they earn a living doing what they love. 

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