Claire Boyles

Claire Boyles, Business Coach, Start Up Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy,
Claire Boyles, Founder of Success Matters

Claire's passion is working with entrepreneurs to formulate profitable business strategies and create powerful brands.  She loves social media marketing and is the Business 2012 Social Media Expert, creating the strategy and leading the social media team for what is the UKs largest business show with Richard Branson, James Caan, and Lord Sugar as keynote speakers.


Claire’s background knowledge of business, human resource management, and psychology, gained while working with various FTSE 100 companies, combined with her excellent people and communication skills means that she is one of the best coaches in her niche, as her clients happily testify.   She has created a style of coaching which is totally client centred and specifically sets out to identify the entrepreneurs’ skills, assets and weaknesses; this empowers them to leverage their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.   Later this year her business, Success Matters launches an innovative programme for entrepreneurs, guiding them through the 12 steps to creating successful businesses from scratch.



Claire Boyles Business Coach, Start Up Marketing, Social Media Strategy

She has a knack of understanding what motivates and inspires people, and how to connect with them in ways that are engaging and fun thereby creating “raving fans”.  In business, having “raving fans” is a wonderfully cost effective marketing strategy; they actively spread the word to others about what your business does and the value it provides.


Awarded Engaging Media Personality of the Year 2013, and one of the top 50 most tweeted people in Ireland 2010 are just two of the recognitions she has received from her own marketing.



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