Maintaining Client Confidentiality by creating sensitive case studies

Writing case studies is vital for good marketing, isn't it? So why haven't you got any?


Are you worried about breaching your customers' confidentiality?

You're not alone!


It's a tricky balance, if you don't share about the positive experiences your customers have with you, you'll struggle to attract new ones. If you do share, you risk alienating an existing customer AND possibly even breaching your contract.


This workshop will guide you through creating honest case studies which attract the right kinds of customers, whilst maintaining 100% confidentiality of sensitive data.


All attendees will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, what is shared in the workshop remains in the workshop! 

At the end of the day you'll have created a case study which highlights the value you deliver your customers, helping attract more of the customers you want. 


You'll also have the template to use again and again, creating brilliant psychologically compelling marketing you'll be proud to share. 


Don't allow fear of breaking confidentiality stop you creating the marketing you need to grow your business!