Keys to FAST Business SUCCESS

One Day Workshop for Business Owners by Gordon Tredgold

Gordon Tredgold is an Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Expert and Speaker, and Author at Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, and Business Insider.  With over 200,000 followers on twitter, he influences business leaders across the globe, and is often referred to as "The Leaders Leader". 

We have selected Gordon to deliver our first ever monthly one day workshops for business owners because of his proven track record.  Gordon is down to earth and practical and has an excellent ability to help others achieve business success. 


Gordon is a business and IT transformation expert who has successfully delivered $100 million programs, run $300 million departments, and led teams of 1000 staff for Fortune 100 companies on a global scale. Gordon works with Enterprises on implementing results-based leadership initiatives to rapidly accelerate the organisation’s growth.

A message from Gordon:

Whether you're just starting a business for the first time, or whether you’re running an existing business, we all dream about achieving success and striking it rich.


Wherever you look there seems to be thousands of people achieving amazing things, it almost looks like all you need to do is get an idea and you can be an instant millionaire.  Unfortunately, the reality is somewhat different.


Yes it does appear that are a lot of people/businesses that are achieving great things, but that’s because failures don’t tend to get the same publicity.  No one wants to share a Facebook update saying, hey my business just tanked, or woo hoo this year we made a record loss.


But when you look at the research, the figures for failure are staggering.

Every year 92% of people fail to achieve their goals and around 95% of all business starts-ups fail.  This means that your chances of success are less than 8%!!!!


Having experienced many failures myself, I spent several years researching failure, and I have come to be an expert in failure, and also the causes of failure. Which helped me become a top turnaround expert and have worked with leading companies to help recover failing projects and under performing departments and businesses.  Need figures- turnover etc that you’ve achieved in business here.


And what I have learnt is this:

The majority of businesses and initiatives fail for the exact same reasons.

Many of which could easily be avoided, with the right level of understanding, preparation, and execution.


So what are the common causes of failure?


1)     Lack of Focus

No real clarity around goals and objective. No real picture of what success looks like. Lack of a clearly defined target market.


2)     Lack of Accountability

Lack of clarity around roles and responsibility. Too much time wasted IN the business, rather than ON the business. Not enough personal accountability.

3)     Lack of Simplicity

No clear, easy to understand, easy to follow plan of how the goals will be achieved.  Complicated offerings, or no clarity into how revenue will be generated.

4)     Lack of Transparency

No clear picture of what needs to be done, or visibility into actual performance.

When you don’t know how well you did against plan, you don’t know whether today was a good day or not. You don’t know whether you need to improve to hit your goals.



When you lack Focus and Accountability it impacts your effectiveness, and without Simplicity of Transparency you leave yourself vulnerable to becoming a happy underachiever. Happy for 9 months as you think you’re business is doing well, only to find out at the end of the year you have under performed and under achieved.


How would you like to change all of that in 2017?


How would you like to be part of the Magic 8% who will succeed and achieve your goals?



In this workshop we’re going to teach you about the common causes of failure and what you can do to help mitigate them.


We’re going to help sharpen your Focus, helping you set clear achievable business goals.


We’re going to help you boost Accountability, by clarifying roles and responsibilities, and teaching techniques that will help you hold yourself and your team accountable for the things which will bring you business success.


We’re going to Simplify your approach, which will increase understanding and build confidence which will help drive your efficiency.


We’re going to help to give you transparency into both what’s needed in order to achieve your goals, and a tools to help measure progress and keep you on track.

There is no secret recipe for success, but there is a formula that you can follow, that will help increase your probability of achieving it.


Focus + Accountability + Simplicity + Transparency => SUCCESS


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