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21 August 2017
Experienced Project Manager & Accountant, Sue Cohen shares the essential elements of a good Purchase Order process to improve profitability of your growing business.
18 February 2017
please can I have a discount? What do you respond? Business Owner.
A guest blog post written by Wendy Molefi-Youri MD, and founder of Vital Wellness Clinic, Hertfordshire, England.
05 June 2016
Business Headshot, the business owner is the face of the business, personal image and brand
Our previous blog post discussed the importance of Corporate Brand Personality, and how it is created by every single person within the business. This blog post, co-written by Mark Grey (Professional headshot Photographer) and Claire Boyles (Founder of Success Matters), explores how important it is for your business brand to have a professional headshot of the business owner.
15 August 2013
What's the point of having a professionally taken headshot when you have a perfectly good camera you can use to take a perfectly good shot of yourself? Well, quite simply, it'll look home-made. It'll look unprofessional, and it'll make you look cheap. It won't capture you in the best light, at the best angle, and it certainly won't capture that perfect expression which exudes your personality. These are the things that you should pay a professional photographer to do for you, because they are...
10 December 2012
My Monday morning started by my receiving spam email to one of my email addresses that is not publicly known. Being annoyed I immediately looked for an "unsubscribe" button, which did not exist. I emailed them with a simple "Please remove my email address immediately from your database, you do NOT have permission to send me marketing material. " I investigated further, I wanted to know where they'd got my email address from, on finding their facebook page I posted on their page: "I would advise...
30 June 2012
I'm going to #IndieRetail month launch event in Solihull on Sunday 1st July, I'll be up there the evening before to have dinner with the event organiser Clare Rayner aka the Retail Champion and some of the speakers.
25 November 2011
Seeking approval, other people, break boundaries, everyone won't like you, likeable, outward approval,
‎"Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner" Tao Te Ching. Whose prisoner are you? In business we need to seek approval- in terms of what we do, we need our customers to like it enough that they want to pay us for it. This is a good, positive thing. However, there will always be times, especially when creating innovative projects that many people will tell you that what you're doing is wrong. If it's not been done before, plenty of people will tell you it can't be done. Or...