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30 May 2018
Creating a twitter header the correct size and resolution, without chopping off bits of your images or making them all fuzzy!
10 August 2017
How to increase the number of people contacting you through your website, instantly! How should you get customers to contact you? The best method for getting customers to contact your business is the way THEY choose! Read this to find out how you're losing business if you don't apply this principle!
05 June 2016
Business Headshot, the business owner is the face of the business, personal image and brand
Our previous blog post discussed the importance of Corporate Brand Personality, and how it is created by every single person within the business. This blog post, co-written by Mark Grey (Professional headshot Photographer) and Claire Boyles (Founder of Success Matters), explores how important it is for your business brand to have a professional headshot of the business owner.
12 May 2016
Facebook page posts see more posts which interest me
You probably have a list of Facebook pages who's updates are important to you - whether it be local businesses who you regularly purchase from, industry pages of interest to you, or organisations which your family interact with frequently, businesses which you're a customer of that you like! Facebook has changed their algorithm, meaning fans see less of the posts published by business pages.
31 March 2016
Facebook isn't your friend! They'll only show your posts from your Business Page if you pay for Facebook adverts. This is a cool way to increase engagement & get your page seen by more people, organically!
25 August 2014
I flew out of Luton Airport last week, and returned yesterday. Because of the faff & time it takes to go through security, I arrive early and hang out at the airport and usually have lunch/meal before/after I go through security. Less stress to arrive early and wait than panic when I realise I'm nearly missing my flight! Anyway... I browse the food that is available to me in the various Cafes and fast food outlets, I want something as healthy as possible that is wheat & sugar free (what...
28 February 2014
When you build a community connection with people around a common theme (hobby, purpose, geographical location, etc) it connects people. People are attracted because of that commonality. However, you will also attract people with different perspectives, ones that do not match your own. What do, or should you do when you are "in charge" of "leading" the community and someone has a dissenting voice? Many people chose to shut out those who are "trouble makers", why would you want to keep...
19 February 2014
Claire Boyles
I teach marketing strategies that create "raving fans who do your marketing for you", and what those fans do is refer you and your business to others. It's a vital foundation of any effective marketing strategy. In the latest episode of The Global Networking Show four of the world's leading experts on getting referrals for business all come together in this broadcast. Excellent tips for business owners, and especially those fairly new to networking. The keys to getting referrals for your...
15 August 2013
What's the point of having a professionally taken headshot when you have a perfectly good camera you can use to take a perfectly good shot of yourself? Well, quite simply, it'll look home-made. It'll look unprofessional, and it'll make you look cheap. It won't capture you in the best light, at the best angle, and it certainly won't capture that perfect expression which exudes your personality. These are the things that you should pay a professional photographer to do for you, because they are...
05 June 2013
There is so much encouragement of businesses to give away products and services for free, talk about "Freemium" business models, it's hard to know as a business owner what to give for free, and what not, and where the limit needs to be drawn to protect your own resources. In addition to this, with the popularity of social media, so many people assume that just because you're connected online, you're somehow boosom buddies, and there's nothing you'd rather do than help them out for free. This...

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